DCB Bank launches first ‘Aadhaar Number & Biometric (fingerprint)’ enabled ATM in Kurukshetra

  • Cash withdrawal and other transactions made possible by simply using Aadhaar Number and finger print
  • PIN or Debit / ATM Card not required for Aadhaar based transaction
  • DCB Bank ATM allows usual Debit / ATM Card option too

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : ATM / Debit Card and PIN for ATM transactions such as to cash withdrawal and account balance enquiry. It is a ‘Cardless and PIN less’ ATM.

DCB Bank-79406

Mr. Murali M. Natrajan, Managing Director & CEO said, “We are delighted to launch India’s first Aadhaar Number and Aadhaar fingerprint (biometric) ATM. Aadhaar has become ubiquitous. This is a unique first of its kind wonderful facility. There is no need for ATM/Debit Card or the hassle of remembering PIN. All a customer needs to do is to input their 12 digit Aadhaar number and place their finger tip on the biometric reader. The ATM verifies the details and completes the transaction in no time. The ATM has multiple functionalities. Customers can choose if they so desire to dip their ATM/Debit Card in the slot (instead of inputting the 12 digit number) and simply place their finger tip on the biometric reader (no need for PIN). It works!! In order to use this unique facility, customers need to link their Aadhaar number with their DCB Bank account number. At present only DCB Bank customers will be able to use this facility.” Mr. Natrajan further added, “Someday not too far all Point of Sale (the traditional Card swipe at shops) transactions will go biometric using Aadhaar”.

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In April 2016, the Bank pilot launched India’s first Aadhaar based ATM in Mumbai. This was followed by launch of Aadhaar based ATM in Odisha, Punjab & Karnataka and now in Tamil Nadu, Haryana & Rajasthan. The Bank plans to upgrade all its 400+ ATMs to provide Aadhaar based functionality in the next six months or so. Currently, DCB Bank customers will be able to use this facility.

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