Delegation of BKU meets Punjab Governor; demand immediate release of pending payment of paddy


NewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) :  A delegation of BKU, led by S. Bhupinder Singh Mann, Ex MP, National President BKU and S. Baldev Singh Mianpur, President BKU Punjab and submitted the following memorandum to His Excellency, Sh. Shiv Raj Patil ji.

During the meeting which lasted about an hour, His Excellency listened to all the issues very carefully and assured to look into all these important grievances of farmers. He said that he will take up the matters with Punjab Government and Centre Government on priority basis.


Memorandum submitted by Bharti Kisan Union (BKU) to His Excellency Sh. Shiv Raj Patil, Governor of Punjab with a request for his intervention for resolution and seeking justice on the issues of  Punjab in general and of Farmers and farm labour in particular.

Hon’ble Governor Sahib,

We the farmers of Punjab request your good self, being the Constitutional authority to maintain Social Justice and peace, that we have the following grievances against the Punjab Government and the Central Government. We request your goodself for kindly use your Constitutional office to take up the matter with Punjab and Centre Government and get the issues of farmers resolved and get them the needed justice:-

  1. After Wheat, Paddy is the main crop of Punjab. The Minimum Support  Price (MSP) of Paddy is far below the cost of production and the farmers struggle very hard to sustain their livelihood in the meagre income. Although according to Swaminathan Commission it is desirable that the MSP should be at least 50 % more than the cost of production, the farmers are not even getting the current MSP. The farmers have not been paid for their Paddy crop. It is estimated that Rs 3300 Crores is outstanding to be paid to the farmers. Due to this, farmers are in deep crisis and are unable to mobilise resources to sow the next crop in time. This will adversely impact the wheat crop and its production will also go down.  We request you that the apparent sour relations between Punjab and Central Government should not take toll on the deprived farmers.
  1. Sugarcane is a very important and viable crop for diversification from Wheat-Paddy cycle. As per Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations, the price should be around Rs 400 per quintal. The Punjab Government has fixed the price very low at Rs 295 for advance variety; Rs 285 for mid season and Rs 280 per quintal for the late variety. Adding to the injustice, Punjab Government has added a sugarcane variety which was in ‘early variety’ last year to ‘mid variety’ this year. Co-0238 type was a early variety last year and this year it has been shifted to mid variety; thus reducing the price by Rs 10 per quintal. We request you to direct the Punjab Government to fix the Cane Price according to Swminathan Commission and also not indulge in the deceit of squeezing farmers by shifting Cane variety with a motive to give lower price to farmers.
  1. Just before the last elections, Punjab Government had issued demand notice to farmers for release of new tubewell connections. Accordingly the poorfarmers took loans and made heavy expenditure to dug bore well and installed the expensive equipment.  But now, the Punjab Government is deliberately delaying the release of power connections on one pretext or the other. The Punjab Government is going back on the promise made to the farmers. We request you to kindly get the power connections for the tubewells released at the earliest.
  1. Almost in all the districts of Punjab, wild animals are playing havoc on the crops. Although the farmers keep a vigil throughout the chilling nights, the herds of the wild animals destroy the crops of farmers who have raised their crops after making heavy investments. When one farmer pushes these animals out of his fields, they enter fields of other farmers which often result in scuffles and fights amongst the farmers. So much so that farmers of one village confront farmers of other villages which lead to law and order situation. We request you to direct the State Government to find a quick solution to this problem.
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Further, there is a massive menace of stray dogs in Punjab. These dogs, often rabid, have very often attacked humans and cattle. You are requested to find  immediate solution to this colossal problem to which Punjab Government seems to have completely shut its eyes.

  1. As every one knows, drugs have devastated the youth of Punjab. Youth is being pushed towards this deep well of drugs and those involved behind this menace are moving scot free. Daily the news papers are publishing full details of this grave threat to Punjabis; but nothing seems to be done to eradicate this evil from the soil of Punjab; which was once known as land of milk – now a land of drugs. If this is not checked with sincerity, the day is not far when this nuisance will take a shape of social unrest due to impending and related economic crisis. We request you that this menace should be stopped immediately and those involved should sternly dealt with as per law.
  1. There is a severe shortage of Urea fertilizer in Punjab which is essential for sowing of wheat crop. The societies are in short supply of this important fertilizer; while amazingly the private traders have adequate stock and are selling at high prices. We seriously feel that there is some deep rooted conspiracy in this affair. We request you to make available adequate stock of Urea so that crops of Wheat and Potato is not effected.
  1. SAD-BJP had promised in their manifesto to continue free power and water to agriculture sector. Now they have started to levy charges of river water for irrigation which is completely against the promise. We request you that Government should not run away from its decision and promises.
  1. Sir, you would be well aware that Sh. Narendra Modi had promised during the elections that if given an opportunity to come to power, they willimplement Swaminathan Commissions report for agriculture. But nothing has happened so far. We request you to kindly use your esteemed office to have Swaminathan’s report implemented by Center and its alliance State Government.
  1. Sir, you are well aware that agriculture has become a loss making venture. This has resulted in farmers having to face extreme economic distress. Thousands of farmers have committed suicides. This economic condition is not due to fault of the farmers but due to faulty policies of Governments. Over the years, the policies have been such that farmers have been trapped in a vicious cycle of debt -the more they produce; more debt on their shoulders.As such they are unable to give quality education to their children; consequently they remain tied up to the already unviable and loosing farming.  We request that Government should hold the hand of farmers who have fed the entire nation and write off the debt on the farmers because this loan is not justified. Also the farmers, who toiled his entire life, should have some pension support to support him towards his old age.
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List of office bearers of Bharti Kisan Union for submitting memorandum to Hon’ble Governor Punjab on 8th of December 2014 on issues relating to farmers

Bhupinder Singh Mann,Ex. MP. National President Chairman , All India Kisan Coordination Committee

Baldev Singh Mianpur, President Punjab

Surjit Singh kadgill, Vice President

Sukhdev Singh Jhuner, Vice President

Gurbachan Singh Bajwa, General Secretary

Sukhwinder Singh Sherpur, District President Gurdaspur

Harjit Singh Garewal, District President Ludhiana

Balwant Singh Nadiali, District President SAS Nagar

Inderjit Singh Fojewal, District President Sangrur

Mukhtiar Singh Dhigana, District President Mukatsar

Jaswinder Singh Mann, District President Bhatinda

Bhupinder Singh Randiala, District President Moga

Tehaljit Singh Khuranj, District President Fazilka

Kewal Singh Kang, District President Pathankot

Dharm Chand Jalalabad, President Jalalabad

Rajinder Singh Iesru, President Khanna

Labh Singh Rajrewal, President

Amarjit Singh Rauni, Vice President Ludhiana

Baljit Singh Khunimajra, President Kharar

Gurdev Singh President Makhu

Gurvinder Singh Mianpur, President Fateh Garh Sahib

Joginder Singh Vice President, Makhu

Chand Singh Block President Bija

Valait Ram Block President Jalabad

Gurpartap Singh Mann


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