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Depression leads to psychiatric disorder in elderly says Expert

110 sr citizens attend a seminar on Geriatric Psychiatry at Max

NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Around 110 senior citizens from tricity attended a health seminar on ‘Depression in elderly, a growing epidemic’ at Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH), Mohali today.

Speaking during occasion,

said that the latest evidence showed that 1 out of 5 elderly Indian was suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Chronic stress could be a harbinger for most of depression related disorders among elderly. In fact this disorder has become more common and was hugely unreported.”

These views were shared by here today. He informed further, diagnosis of this disorder was vital as it was completely treatable. However if remained untreated it could lead to serious impairment in quality of life, ability to work or loss of identity, he warned.

“Persistent low mood, easy fatigability, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities was indicators of depression and should not be taken lightly. Psychiatry has progressed tremendously in recent decades to emerge from a stigmatized, neglected branch to one of the most relevant medical branches of current times.”

Talking about geriatric psychiatry or psychiatry in elderly, he said that senior members of society have specific kind of psychiatric problems for which specific kinds of treatment was required. Aged people commonly suffered from masked depression like depression hidden by plenty of unexplained somatic complaints, vague headaches, body aches, memory disturbances etc. Also common illnesses of old age like diabetes and BP could either cause depression or worsen it.

The ‘mind-fullness based stress reduction’ technique including ‘mind-full walking’ and other meditation helped a lot in dealing with this disorder, he asserted. Bringing lifestyle changes such as indulging in yoga and forming sr citizens clubs to maintain healthy social relationships would go a long way in dealing with depression he remarked.

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