Design essay – how to do everything right


It happens that the student brings to the teacher a beautiful, deep, abstract, which perfectly reveals the topic, and the teacher wraps work due to improper design. Particularly sad to get such a surprise before the score or exams, which is not allowed without an enumeration of the writing. So the design of the abstract is not a trifle.

However, in the rules of registration of the abstract, there is nothing complicated. Problems usually arise in freshmen who just do not yet know how to properly formulate the abstract (because it was lazy to figure it out before delivery). But this article will help those who did not take any writing help on the methodology and thought about the design on the night before the assignment of work – agree, a widespread situation!

Sometimes a novice performer believes that it is enough just to write a job, and very upset when a customer with a scandal requires an upgrade: it is not standardized. So, to the copywriter’s executors, this article, it seems to us, will also be useful.

General rules for writing abstracts

There are several types of abstracts, but in this case, we mean the format of educational work. This is a work that can be called a diminished, simpler version of the course. Therefore, the academic abstract is issued in general in the same way as a course and diploma.

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In many universities, and even more so in schools, the design of the lectures fit less strictly, allowing small deviations from the strict standard. Some departments have their own rules regarding the design of paper writing, especially the titles (so that, in addition to studying the general rules described below, we recommend that you still take the methodology at the department, sometimes special instructors come up with the teachers in order to check – or read do you do this manual or not?).

But in general, it is enough to adhere to the basic rules concerning the choice of the font, the placement of footnotes, numbering, the design of the content, the list of literature, title page.

How to properly prepare an essay? Some writing tips

  • Traditionally, the font is used for the 14th, sometimes 12th. This point is better specified by the teacher. As a rule, the 14th is chosen for educational work, but if the volume of the abstract is large, it makes sense to choose a little bit less. And here’s more – you cannot because the teacher will immediately understand that you visually inflate the volume.
  • Line spacing – one and a half. Larger interval, again, speaks of an attempt to jam with volume.
  • The orientation of the sheet is a book. The landscape is sometimes allowed when designing applications (for example, wide tables).
  • Increasing fields is sometimes used by students to increase the number of sheets but this practice can lead to trouble.
  • Letters of A4 format, density – standard for printout, white colour.
  • The text is printed only on one side of the sheet. The reversible should remain clean. Incidentally, a common mistake among beginners is often written on both sides, as in a notebook.
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The final part of the section should take at least a quarter of the sheet. In cunning students who inflate the volume, the ends of the section “hang” in a few lines on almost a blank sheet, which causes a strong irritation to the teachers: they feel that they are fools.

WARNING! After the titles of the sections in essay writing, the words “Introduction”, “Conclusion”, “Appendix” and the phrase “References” the point is not put! It’s a very common mistake.


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