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Digitization of Dentistry -An Innovation in Today’s New Era: Dr. Sarabjeet Singh

Digitization of Dentistry -An Innovation in Today’s New Era: Dr. Sarabjeet Singh: In today’s world, where everything from daily life chores to scientific research has become digital, Dentistry and Orthodontics are not lacking behind.
Digitization of Dentistry -An Innovation in Today's New EraDigital dentistry refers to dental technology that integrates digital components with mechanical and electric components.
The goal of digital dentistry is to ensure that dental services provided to the patient are faster, better and more comfortable. It improves the efficiency and accuracy of dental services both in terms of cost and time.
Digitized smile designing is the latest tool in Orthodontics. It not only helps us in achieving a beautiful smile for the patients but also improves their self-confidence along with their overall oral health. Nowadays, the newer invisible braces in Speedo orthodontics have revolutionized the field of braces. These braces are invisible, comfortable, and painless and give fastest results and have encouraged adults to pursue orthodontic treatment.

While interacting with media Dr. Sarabjeet Singh said that one of the most popular digital treatment options used globally are Invisalign clear aligners. It’s removable, effective, and comfortable and is custom designed and manufactured specifically for you. Best of all, they are VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE!.

”Digital technology has an impact over the patient’s motivation, practice management and clinical treatment procedures. CAD/CAM and intraoral imaging/scanning are the main fields of digital restorative dentistry. Dental caries diagnosis, implant dentistry, lasers, practice and patient record management, including digital education of patients can all be achieved with digitization in dentistry.

There is no more need for making dental impressions of patients (which often causes gagging). Even the cappings can be fabricated in a clinic within hours with in house CAD CAM technologies.

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