Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani 18th Day Total Box Office Collection


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani 18th Day Total Box Office Collection: Following fulfilling expectations of the audiences as well as the movie makers and the working success, Dilwale film has come to the goal of becoming bit off in the theatre halls and theaters although at the moment film did fine resulting from Monday. As following week, many new films will be becoming just a couple of days as it might to make it throughout company as a lot, so Dilwale has started. This one of a publicized picture of Shahrukh Khan as well as the critical expected carried out outstandingly and was found close to Christmas occasion.


Film has crossed so it is clear that it is not in almost any regard a changed even from the negative view in some time, 263 Crores indicate world-wide in its second week. However that’s also true that the few people was directed by Dilwale in disappointment due to the content material that is controversial. Excessive reactions were supported by the film in its first week in the audiences. Inside the start days it made great business yet fell down often on its third Monday Dilwale will performed a business of round 5 Crores from India, within the later days and entire group turn into 143.12 Crores

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Is a Bollywood film starring Varun Dhawan and Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan within the lead. For the seventh time, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are pairing up to get a movie. It’s been round 20 years that people found each of them put together for the time that is main also it continues to be magic since then with great Box Office Groups. The ensemble invented also includes expert performers to call several of. The film is an out and out entertainer with all the middle of an everlasting love story.

Whole: ? 149.35 cr. India biz. EXCELLENT!”At this time Bajirao Mastani reached yet an additional report, it crossed Salman Khan’s Bodyguard films box office groups, It earned Rs 148.86 crore in its life run within the residence residence. So this file was crossed by Bajirao Mastani. Now the Bajirao Mastani of Ranveer is standing in a fifteenth area inside the checklist of the top grosser ever in India.

BM is following the trick Slow and routine wins the race… #BajiraoMastani proves the adage appropriate! It minted Rs 255.fifty two crores to the global box office.

Dilwale 18th Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Dilwale 1st Day Box Office Collection: 21 Cr
  • Dilwale 2nd Day Box Office Collection: 20.09 Cr
  • Dilwale 3rd Day Box Office Collection: 24 Cr
  • Dilwale 4th Day Box Office Collection: 10.09 Cr
  • Dilwale 5th Day Box Office Collection: 9.42 Cr
  • Dilwale 6th Day Box Office Collection: 9.21 Cr
  • Dilwale 7th Day Box Office Collection: 9.26 Cr
  • Dilwale 8th Day Box Office Collection: 8.11 Cr
  • Dilwale 9th Day Box Office Collection: 6.0 Cr
  • Dilwale 10th Day Box Office Collection: 7.12 Cr
  • Dilwale 11th Day Box Office Collection: 3.75 Cr
  • Dilwale 12th Day Box Office Collection: 2.75 Cr
  • Dilwale 13th Day Box Office Collection: 2.75 Cr
  • Dilwale 14th Day Box Office Collection: 2 Cr
  • Dilwale 15th Day Box Office Collection: 2.8 Cr
  • Dilwale 16th Day Box Office Collection: 1.9 Cr
  • Dilwale 17th Day Box Office Collection: 1.8 Cr*
  • Dilwale 18th Day Box Office Collection: 1.6 Cr*
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Bajirao Mastani 18th Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Bajirao Mastani 1st Day Box Office Collection: 12.80 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 2nd Day Box Office Collection: 15.52 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 3rd Day Box Office Collection: 18.45 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 4th Day Box Office Collection: 10.25 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 5th Day Box Office Collection: 9.40 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 6th Day Box Office Collection: 9.21 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Box Office Collection: 10.52 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 8th Day Box Office Collection: 12.25 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 9th Day Box Office Collection: 10.30 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 10th Day Box Office Collection: 11.75 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 11th Day Box Office Collection: 5.60 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 12th Day Box Office Collection: 5.40 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 13th Day Box Office Collection: 5.05 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 14th Day Box Office Collection: 5.35 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 15th Day Box Office Collection: 7.50 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 16th Day Box Office Collection: 5.6 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 17th Day Box Office Collection: 6 Cr*
  • Bajirao Mastani 18th Day Box Office Collection: 5 Cr*


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