Diwali celebrated at The Holy Wonder Smart School with the massage of Anti Cracker Diwali


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : The Holy Wonder Smart School celebrated Diwali with the massage of anti-cracker Diwali. The students were educated   the ill effects of burning crackers and advocate the idea of  celebrating Diwali with candles, sweets and non-polluting green crackers available in markets. At the moment fancy dress, rangoli making competitions were also organised.

The students enthusiastically displayed their creative talent by making intricate designs of candles and diyas . Then, there was Diwali puja, an idol of Lord Ganesha was set up and inaugurated by the chairman Charan Singh Saini followed by Diwali Puja.

Chairman Charan Singh applauded the students for their active participation. The harmful effects of crackers to health and environment were brought to the forefront by chairman Charan singh.  According to him it is high time to educate students about its harmful after effects to their health and environment and to cultivate a sense of duty towards the society with which we can better our lives.