Diwali Hamper by Aspri Spirits



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Aspri Spirits, a leading distributer of International wines & Sprits in India offers the below mentioned brands for Diwali gifting ideas.


Region: Chianti

Nature: Red

Grape: Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah

Aroma: It shows fruity aromas, particularly notes of cherries, plums and blackberries.

Body & Taste: Fresh and full-bodied, tasty and balanced, it has a fruity finish and aftertaste.

Suggested Food Pairing: A perfect match for grilled red meats and moderately aged Pecorino cheese, ribs and, if you dare, chocolate.
Price: Rs.2950

  • MASSERIA ALTEMURA Apulo Rosso Salento IGT

Region: Salento

Nature: Red

Grape: Primitivo, Negroamaro

Aroma: Intense and fruity bouquet with hints of plum and dried cherry.

Body & Taste:Dry with a fine structure and outstanding roundness. It shows a complex and persistent fruitiness on the palate.

Suggested Food Pairing: A modern-styled blend that makes this cheeses.


Region: Salento

Nature: Red

Grape: Primitivo

Aroma: This wine offers the nose fulland intense aromas with hints of plums,jams of red fruits and sweet accents ofspices.

Body & Taste: A wine of a good body, ithas a mouth-filling flavour that is warmand soft and expresses a highly maturefruitiness, supported by a pleasantcomplex of sweet tannins.

Suggested Food Pairing:Its structure makes this an ideal wine as an accompaniment for typical dishes of Apulian cuisine like capriata di fave con cicorietta (fava bean and chicory soup),red meats roasted over the coals and roast lamb.

Price: Rs.2950

  • elit by Stolichnaya

Region: Latvia

Mellow, enigmatic, fresh aniseed and sherbet with a rounder, grainy arnish. Evolves from light to medium- bodied with a distinguished creamy aniseed character, garnished with savoury, lightly luscious spiciness and balancing dryness.

Price: Rs.7955

  • AMARULA Marula Fruit Cream

Country: South Africa

Amarula Cream originates from Southern Africa where the marula fruit grows wild on the Savannah. The Marula tree produces an abundant crop of pale yellow egg shaped fruit and plays a unique role in tribal legend.

It is also known as “The Marriage Tree”- to this day tribal weddings take place beneath its branches and the fruit is believed to have aphrodisiac properties as well as featuring in African fertility rites. The marula fruit attracts many animals-especially elephants. To produce Amarula Cream Liqueur, the marula fruit is gathered and the flesh pupled, sweetened and fermented. The resulting “marula spirit” is then matured in oak casks for 2 years. The spirit is

then blended with fresh cream to create a smooth distinctive cream liqueur. Smooth texture that teases the taste buds with the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, coffee, citrus and exotic spices served in cocktails, specialty coffees, food preparations and desserts or simply enjoyed on the rocks.

Price: Rs.4460



Region: Veneto

Nature: Sparkling

Grape: Glera

Aroma: Attractively intense; very fruityand aromatic, with hints of Wisteriaflowers and Rennet apples.

Body & Taste: Very well-balanced and appealing, with extremely delicatealmond notes.

Suggested Food Pairing: Excellent aperitif. Ideal for starters likebruschetta, salads, light pasta & pizza.

Price: Rs.625

  • PATRÓN XO Café Dark Cocoa

Country: Mexico

Distilled at 60 proof, Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa is characterized by its deep, dark brown color, and aroma of fresh coffee balanced with cocoa. The taste is dry, not sweet like many other coffee liqueurs; combining the rich flavours of fresh-roasted coffee, fine chocolate and light tequila. The finish is smooth, yet dry. The high-quality Criollo variety of chocolate in Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa is produced in Mexico’s Tabasco region. The coffee comes from the Mexican states of Veracruz and Chiapas.

Price: Rs. 7495


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