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Don’t forget these tips for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam

Don’t forget these tips for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam: IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. It is a government owned bank personnel recruitment agency that is responsible for conducting online exams to select officers, clerks and trainees in public sector banks in India.

Don't forget these tips for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam

The exam schedule for IBPS Clerk 2021 exam has been released in IBPS clerk notification 2021. Prelims exams are scheduled to be held on August 28, 29 and September 4, 2021, and the mains exam will be held on October 31, 2021. 

The competition will be huge for the IBPS Clerk exam as the number of vacancies has increased this year. The number shows to be increasing with each passing year. The preparation of the exam must be done diligently to secure a place.

The IBPS Clerk exam can be divided into two parts: the Prelims exams and the Mains exam. Both the exams are computer-based and consist of multiple-choice questions. With lakhs of students sitting for this exam, it is important that you give your best and leave no scope for regret in the preparation for the exams. 

The syllable for the IBPS Clerk Exam is vast, therefore it is recommended that you make yourself entirely aware of the syllabus, pattern, the amount of time you can invest in the preparation, the competition level, and other relevant things. The most important tips for IBPS Clerk Exam that you should keep in mind while preparing for the exam are as follows:

  1. It is crucial for candidates to know the eligibility criteria set for them. Be cautious while checking if you’re eligible or not.
  2. To avoid any confusion or mess on the day of the examination, update yourself about the syllabus and pattern of the IBPS Clerk exam. The syllabus and pattern of the paper may be updated with changing times therefore it is recommended that you stay updated with the basic relevant information.
  3. Analyze the difficulty level of both the parts of the exam to manage time and efficiency in a mannered way.
  4. There are various books, online platforms, and coaching classes that may provide you with an intensified and complete preparation course and guidance to make you eligible to sit for the exam fully prepared and confident. Try to look for resources that suit your schedule. 
  5. If you wish to prepare for the exam through self-study, there are various daily, weekly, and monthly plans available with the preparation books and online resources. These planners can make a huge difference in your regular studies and help you analyze the time required for a systematic and well-organized preparation. 
  6. Surf through the internet to select the best books, notes, and study materials from the toppers. 
  7. After you’ve finalized and procured the required study material, make an acceptable and realistic study plan that suits you. You can make this plan using the planners available.
  8. Start with the basics of all the sections. Basics are as important as the difficult questions. Till the time the basics of any topic are not clear, you cannot expect to move on to a moderate or difficult level. 
  9. The numerical and reasoning section of the syllabus is quite critical and hence requires regular practice. Allot a sensible amount of time to these sections. The more you practice the better you’d be able to perform on the day of the exam.
  10. The exam is not about any particular topic, it is a combined analysis of your knowledge. Practicing is the most efficient way to score the most. As you keep going through the topics one by one, keep practicing the related questions alongside to understand your weak and strong areas.
  11. Various online websites provide you with free online quizzes and mock tests. It is recommended that you practice these tests to get a clear idea as to how the exam is going to be and this will also help you to check your progress. These tests can be eye-openers for some people. You get to know in which sections you are running behind and can further arrange the study schedule and routine as per the requirement. 
  12. As you move with the syllabus, you may be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the needed aspects.
  13. While you prepare for the exam, keep in mind that managing time is a very helpful strategy that proves its worth when sitting for the exam. While you practice questions and tests, time yourself, and with each test, try to improve your time efficiency.
  14. While giving the exam, you can use the strategy of leaving the difficult or time-consuming questions for the end. Solve the questions you’re sure about first and come back to the other questions as time allows. Do not waste your time pondering over the question you may be confused about.
  15. To prepare for the general awareness section, read the newspaper daily and keep yourself updated. This is the most constructive way to prepare and maintain your general knowledge. 
  16. When it comes to the numerical section, you may find that in certain topics there may be varying tricks to solve a particular question. Give time and analyze which tricks and methods suit best for your understanding. Do not ponder upon other tricks thereafter as it may create confusion.
  17. Make separate notes for revision of basic concepts and formulas and go through them on regular basis. You may not like it now and going through the same thing every day may seem to be monotonous but this will prove to be extremely helpful on the day of exams. 

These are some generalized yet important tips that you can follow and use in combination with your ideas and creativity. Diligent and consistent preparation is important while preparing for the IBPS clerk exam but while you work yourself out with all the numbers, grammar rules, and general and important happenings of the world, do not forget to treat yourself with regular short breaks and weekly day-offs. They are as important as the consistency required while the preparation. 

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