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Double trouble in Yam Hain Hum

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Yam Hain Hum is a one-of-a-kind divine comedy on SAB TV that describes the adventures of Yamraj – the God of Death as per Hindu mythology and his trusted aide – Chitragupt on our planetary abode – Earth. The comical TV series shows the numerous attempts of Yamraj while offering advice to humans about their daily lives and showing them the righteous path of living.

Yum Hain Hum

In the recent track Bhaiyaji’s love story has another hurdle, Parampara previously had a lover Pillu Patyalewala who was like a goon and was madly in love with Parampara. Parampara and her father both left town and moved to another city to avoid Pillu.


In an unprecedented coincidence Pillu looks like Chitragupt. When Chitragupt meets Parampara and her father as Bhaiyaji’s uncle, Parampara’s father get furious and remove Chitragupt and Bhaiyaji from the house as Parampara family thinks Bhaiyaji’s uncle is the same goon.

Atul-Parchure-in-his-goon-attire-in-Yam-Hain-Hum-(4)Now what follows is a comedy of errors and misunderstandings where there are two look alike of Chitragupt. Bhaiyaji is upset with Chitragupt as he is the reason Parampara’s father is upset with him on the other side Baldev and all are wondering why Chitragupt is acting like a goon and roaming around with knife.

Atul Parchure who enacts the role of Chitragupt said, “This track is all about confusion and misunderstanding. I portray a double role in this track and this creates a lot of comic mix-up. I am sure the viewers are in for a laughter treat in the upcoming track.”

To find out how the story unfolds Tune into India’s fantastical comedy show “Yam Hain Hum” Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm only on SAB TV!

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