Dr. Harsh Sheth Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain After Weight-Loss Surgery


Dr. Harsh Sheth Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain After Weight-Loss Surgery: Is it possible to achieve success solely by hard effort and dedication?

Dr. Harsh Sheth Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain After Weight-Loss Surgery

No! Many elements contribute to success!

Similarly, weight loss success is a result of several variables!

Bariatric surgery isn’t the only one!

Bariatric surgery, often known as weight loss surgery, is only one step in the process of losing weight.

Dr. Harsh Sheth, a leading bariatric surgeon in Mumbai , feels that other measures are required to attain weight loss goals in addition to bariatric surgery.

The other five steps after bariatric surgery are discussed in this article. Taking these measures can help you get closer to your weight loss goal and achieve it.

What further steps should I take after bariatric surgery to lose weight or avoid gaining weight?

“God helps those who help themselves,” as the saying goes.

Similarly, bariatric surgery aids those who assist themselves!

According to Dr. Harsh Sheth, you must also put effort to achieve the desired result and weight loss objective.

The following are five methods for achieving weight loss goals in conjunction with bariatric surgery:

  • Participate in support groups:You are not alone on your weight-loss journey! There are those that are with you on the journey! Isn’t it true that just hearing this sentence made you feel more at ease and motivated? We feel more inspired to travel the path when we are not alone and have the support of others! When we have company and are not going alone, the voyage becomes more thrilling and enjoyable! Many people are in the same boat as you! Why not interact with them and make your journey more enjoyable? Joining support groups and connecting with them, as well as becoming a part of them, can make your weight reduction journey much easier and more enjoyable! And, because their path is similar to yours, they will understand you better and can be of great assistance in smoothing out your weight loss journey and assisting you in reaching your weight reduction goal!
  • Please seek advice from a dietician: We usually carry a map when we travel! The roadmap appropriately directs us, assisting us in achieving our objective. Dieticians are like roadmaps that guide us on our weight-loss journey! They show us the way and assist us in achieving our weight loss goals. They make our weight loss journey more accessible by serving as a road map! As a result, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced dietician who can assist you in making your weight-loss journey more accessible!
  • Satisfy your stomach, not your heart: Most people gain weight by eating to satisfy their hearts rather than their stomachs. Even though our bellies are full, how many of us are enticed to consume a cheese-burst pizza placed in front of us? To manage overeating, one must first regulate their emotions. It is better to eat to fill one’s stomach with food than to fill one’s heart with happiness! As a result, focusing on emotional management can help you maintain your weight and avoid weight gain after bariatric surgery.
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Dr. Harsh Sheth Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain After Weight-Loss Surgery

  • Eat well: You are what you eat, as the saying goes. Something similar can be said about your body. What you feed your body is what it will become! Weight gain and an unhealthy body and form are caused by high-calorie and unhealthy diets. Low-calorie, healthful foods like fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, lead to weight loss and a healthy body. As a result, Dr. Harsh Sheth recommends that you feed your body nutritious and healthy foods to keep it fit and healthy and avoid weight gain.

Dr. Harsh Sheth Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain After Weight-Loss Surgery

  • Exercise regularly:Maintaining a healthy weight and body requires regular exercise and participation in physical activities. Even basic exercises like walking can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid weight gain. So, keep walking until you attain your weight-loss goal.


Just like in a football match, the collaboration of the entire team contributes to success, the same way, Dr. Harsh Sheth believes that the collaboration of bariatric surgery, food, exercise, and other factors is required to win against excess weight. Willpower and motivation are the captains of the team! Only when you are motivated to lose weight and desire to do so will you make attempts to do so by exercising and eating a nutritious diet.

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So, are you serious about losing weight?

Do you have a strong desire to lose weight?

Then it’s time to continue your weight loss journey and take the next step following bariatric surgery, such as eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. It’s time to move on to the next phase of your journey! It’s now time to reach your weight-loss target and seek victory!


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