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Dr. Niyati Chitkara pours ideas on school based assessment through her book “Assessment Quotient”


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : As a keen learner and researcher, Dr. Niyati Chitkara has always strived to do something new and creative in the field of education.  A doctorate in school based assessments including the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), preceded by gold medal in M.Ed. and Masters of Commerce and Business Administration, has always thought of writing a book to give as a Guru Dakshina to her mentor, coach and co-author Dr. V. Natarajan  a Prof. Emeritus at MeritTrac Services Pvt. Ltd. Born in 1938, educated in Engineering, Dr.Natrajan shifted to Education and Examinations, performed researches for 4 decades, published around 72 books, 60 national and international papers with 600 citations.

Now days when there is so much of reformation happening in the school education system and new education policy is also in the pipeline. The book “ASSESSMENT QUOTIENT” will indeed aid to re-define teaching, learning and assessment in context to Generation Z (Children born after year 1995-2009) and Generation Alpha learners (Children born after year 2010). After validating Dr. Niyati’s contribution towards education in form of her thesis and research papers, Lambert Academic Publishing house, one of the leading academic publishing houses in Germany approached Dr. Niyati to publish her work in form of a book “Assessment Quotient”.

Assessment Quotient highlights the practical and innovative approach in assessing scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of learning where non-scholastic assessment is unique, innovative and has not been touched so far by anyone till date.

As per Dr. Niyati, “Assessment Quotient is an attempt to dive deep into the world of a 4th and 5th grader so as to get a better understanding and complete picture of a learner in totality.  It focuses on suggesting improvement in learning of a learner, particularly in Mathematics, English and Science through feedback.

It is an effort to understand the needs of a learner identify gaps and then provide them with corrective action in form of feedback through various test reports. Thus, this kind of research has rightly been called an illuminative research and has proved to be the hallmark of this book”.

CP Singh
CP Singh
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