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EcoSikh plans major Green Initiatives at Sikh religious sites in Pakistan

  • Greening of Nankana Sahib & Kartarpur–Pak Minister forms steering committee on EcoSikh’s proposal

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Top Government officials & Ministers of Pakistan have endorsed a plan proposed by EcoSikh, a Global Sikh initiative in the area of environment protection, to explore green projects at Kartarpur & Nankana Sahib, the most sacred Sikh shrines in Pakistan. This will be part of the celebration of 550th birthday of Guru Nanak, Founder of Sikhism, in 2019. Guru Nanak was born in Nankana Sahib and he lived in Kartarpur during his last 17 years. This was disclosed by a media release issued at Chandigarh by EcoSikh’s South Asia Project Manager Mr. Ravneet Singh.

According to the press statement issued, EcoSikh’s President, Dr. Rajwant Singh, visited Nankana Sahib & Kartarpur Sahib, Nairowal, recently with the purpose of exploring what actions would be needed, by the communities & the administrations, to preserve the ecology of these sacred sites.  He was invited by the first Sikh member of Punjab Assembly, Ramesh Singh Arora who facilitated all the official meetings. Dr Singh held a meeting with the Federal Minister of Planning Development & Reform, Ahsan Iqbal of Nairowal, in this the proposal of celebrating the 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak in a unique way with a focus on Environment was brought forth by Dr Singh. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal reciprocated by forming a steering committee to formulate master plans.

“These sacred sites are revered by Sikhs all over the world. We have proposed the idea of dedicating between 25 and 50 acres of land at Nankana Sahib and at Kartarpur as ‘sacred forest’, in order to conserve the bio-diversity & sanctity around these sacred places for generations to come,” Dr. Singh said.

Dr. Singh had a series of meetings with top officials in Pakistan. Those he met included Commissioner of Lahore Abdullah Sumbal who oversees Nankana Sahib and Director General of Environmental Protection Agency of Punjab, Shaikh Farooq. Dr. Rajwant Singh had detailed discussions with the Environment and Home Minister of Punjab, Col. Shuja Kharzada, Commissioner of Gujranwala Shumail Ahmad and Deputy Commissioner of Nairowal Najaf Iqbal.  Evacuee Trust Property Board’s (Auqaaf) Secretary Khalid Khurshid also expressed his support to bring development under a green master plan. Nankana Sahib has hundreds of acres of land associated with the shrine and is managed by the trust.

EcoSikh’s South Asia Project Manager, Ravneet Singh said, “EcoSikh’s plans include solar panels, organic farmland for langar, creating an ethos of care for the environment among local faith leaders, communities and thousands of pilgrims who visit the holy destinations of Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur every year. In addition it is proposed that around 10 to 25 acres would be devoted to organic farming to supply organic food for langar at the two major Sikh pilgrimages.”

EcoSikh board member, Toronto-based tablet computer philanthropist Suneet Singh Tulli, welcomed the news.“Kartarpur, as a place where the Guru was a dedicated farmer during the last 17 years of his life, is particularly relevant to all Sikhs. It connects us with the spirit of Guru Nanak and teaches us to hold earth as a sacred gift from the Creator. There is no better way to pay tribute to Guru Nanak than keeping the land and the surroundings vibrant with nature,” he said. It is noteworthy that Pakistani Officials have asked EcoSikh to send initial proposals upon which a master plan will be drawn to have a high level approval to start the work soon.

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