Elante Wednesday’s plays Tricity’s Santa Claus this Christmas


Grants the wish to know the baking tricks through workshop with Chef Kandla Nijhowne & Chef Navneet Choudhary

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Visitors & participants at the latest edition of the wonderful & exciting ‘Elante Wednesday’s’ got an opportunity to experience the Christmas preparations after Chef Kandla Nijhowne & Chef Navneet Choudhary took them to a perfect baking journey.  As a part of the Elante Wednesday’s, a unique women-centric concept introduced by the mall, Peddlers at Elante Mall played host to it. The bakery workshop, organised by Elante Mall saw visitors streaming in to enhance their knowledge about new baking trends and learn from experts on how to bake these delicacies.

Chef Navneet Choudhary, one of the new breed of designer chefs and a Corporate Chef- Heritage Hotel, Peddlers & Purple Rice along with Masterchef fame Kandla Nijhowne who has been a part of the culinary workshops at Elante Wednesday’s ever since its inception, pulled out awesome tricks for the women attending the session. During the session Choco Walnut Pudding, Cheesy Steamed Spinach Souffle, Yummy Rum Cake, Sangria jelly dessert etc were baked for the participants to learn and relish. The bakery products were decided on their ease of preparation so that even the novice in this field could take with them some learnings from the session. Both the Chefs who are an expert in baking taught the participants the ways to make the fluffiest icings and tips to bake spongy cakes which can melt into the mouth.

This workshop tried to shun the fears that people might have towards baking. According to the Chefs baking is an art, where if certain things were kept in mind the cake would always come right. Also with Christmas approaching baked commodities will be in demand, the workshop aimed that people in the tricity are equipped to bake themselves for their families.

Commenting on the workshop, Mr Manoj Agarwal, Head of Operations Elante Mall, said “The concept of Elante Wednesdays is that we want to give the lady customers opportunities for self-development, learning and recreation. At every culinary workshop conducted as part of this initiative, we have made a conscious effort to share expert information on a different cuisine each time. This freshness & newness and the opportunity to learn a new cuisine each time has made these workshops a hit. As Christmas is around the corner, we wanted to provide all the solutions to our patrons to baking a perfect cake. Through this Elante Wednesday workshop, women will be ready with the required baking skills to bake for their special ones”.