Elite Sports, Cultural and Social Welfare organization Launched



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Elite sports, cultural and social welfare organization (Regd.) held a press conference at Chandigarh press club, in Chandigarh to describe plans. Chief patron Deep Malhotra described that functioning of the organization has already been started. He further told that the organization may perform all such acts as may be considered necessary or conducive to attainment of aims and objects of the organization i.e. to extend all possible help in the era of sports, cultural and social welfare to the deserve as well as needy persons .

Patron Ashok Kumar described that the main object of the organization to collaborate all above mentioned fields i.e. sports, cultural and social welfare for better and quick response in respective fields. He further told that this organization would be the one of the organizations which has great number of persons and any NGO can be affiliated with it as well as merge in it. Each and every Indian including NRI can be admitted in the organization.

Chairman Amar Singh Dhaliwal described that the national, international players, artists and social workers are office bearers of the organization, He further said that there are lots of aims and objects some of which are to promote sports at all levels for all categories/age groups. Organization would arrange tournaments of different sports/games at district, state and national levels especially in rural areas, to take up effective and lawful steps for eradication of social evils such as use of intoxicants, drugs, child abuse, child marriage, dowry system, illiteracy and other social evils.

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President Harmander Singh Dhillon described that organization would encourage, promote, sponsor, conduct and /or undertake various other activities in the field of sports, music, cultural, fine arts, science etc. and set up government aided programs and objects.

General Secretary Aman Kumar said that the organization would create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection among the general public. He further told that the organization is a common platform to serve the nation effectively.

Advisor Er. Manik Sharma describe that organization would bring awareness among the general public regarding the importance of protection of environment, Plantation of tree, vegetation/greenery and to spread the message against the atrocities towards Animals and birds.


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