Experts discuss the need for Indian families to adopt holistic well-being into their everyday routines

The panel included well-known Fitness and Celebrity instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala, Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head – Dietetics, Max Healthcare – Delhi and Sheela Krishna swamy, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant


Experts discuss the need for Indian families to adopt holistic well-being into their everyday routines:  Almond Board of California, today, hosted a session around ‘Holistic well-being: How can Indian families stay healthy in 2021’.

The session stressed on the takeaways and learnings from the ongoing pandemic, and highlighted how families across India can revisit their diet and fitness choices, and instead adopt a variety of small changes to lead happier, fitter and healthier lifestyles as the year advances.

These included things like, relooking at one’s overall fitness routines to make it sync with one’s lifestyle and long term health goals, balancing exercise routines with planned diets and mindful snacking, and including a handful of almonds to the daily diet to reap a mix of benefits, across weight and diabetes management, heart health and immunity amongst others.

The panel included well-known Fitness Expert and Celebrity Master Instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala, as well as Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head, Dietetics at Max Healthcare – Delhi and Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. The panel was moderated by RJ Meha of ISHQ FM.

The discussion mostly centered on the learnings from the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, and how this has pushed families across the world and in India – to re-evaluate their nutrition, fitness and health goals.

The panel stressed the need for families to adjust their daily habits and routines and move towards a more holistic approach to ensure better health for all members, by making fitness a top priority. The panel also spoke about the need to integrate a combination of fitness, nutrition and mindful snacking and all guests shared anecdotes from their personal experiences as well as recommendations for exercise routines, diet plans and alternatives to binge eating, relevant for modern Indian families.

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Through the session, panelists also deliberated at length on the increasing burden of lifestyle diseases in the country including ailments like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, and the role that regular exercise, proper nutrition and dietary intervention can play in managing these better.

Besides this, the discussion also touched upon the myths related to fitness routines or exercises relevant for particular age groups. Additionally, the panelists also shared insights around the deep rooted connect between fitness and snacking, and recommended healthy snacks like almonds which, which can further help in optimizing one’s fitness routine.

Experts discuss the need for Indian families to adopt holistic well-being into their everyday routines

To reiterate the importance of daily exercise, and a committed fitness regime, Celebrity Fitness instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala also hosted a quick 10 minute segment where she demonstrated easy to do stretching exercise that people can do while working on the desk/laptop.

Commenting on theimportance of striving to get a perfect balance between fitness and nutrition, Fitness Expert and Celebrity Master Instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala said, “Having experienced the Covid19 pandemic, a lot of us now realize the importance of staying fit and healthy. The pandemic also made us understand that we don’t need any expensive equipment, or a gym membership to stay fit. A brisk walk, a jog around the neighborhood or a quick high-intensity workout daily can be your fitness regime for the day.”

Highlighting the importance of nutrition, Yasmin said, “I always say – your health regime is 70% diet and 30% workout! The trick to making sure your family’s fitness is to adopt this mantra. Make sure to exercise for at least 1 hour every day, and balance this with eating right. Adding healthy foods like a handful of almonds to the diet is the best way to start. They pair well with your workout routine, as they are known to be high in protein, aid in weight management, and provide energy which makes them a tasty yet healthy pre and post workout snack, almonds are also known to contain several immunity supporting nutrients like copper, folate and zinc, which makes them a great food to have around the house.”

Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head – Dietetics, Max Healthcare – Delhi said, “While the pandemic had taken precedence over other things, it is a known fact that lifestyle diseases are on the rise amongst Indians,and according to a recent report this has only increased in the last year.In 2021, invest in your own and your family’s health by subscribing to a fitness app, or joining an exercise/dance class, or enrolling in a gym.Besides this, change your family’s food habits by reducing the intake of fatty and sugary foods which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Instead, focus on consuming nuts like almonds, seasonal fruits, vegetables and probiotics that are nutrient-rich and add to the body’s overall health. Almonds are known to lower total and LDL cholesterol when included in a healthy diet and reduce levels of heart-damaging inflammation. Additionally, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers estimated that for every 30 grams increase (approximately 1 serving) of almonds consumed daily, an estimated 10-year coronary heart disease (CHD) risk score was reduced by 3.5%.”

According to Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, “There is no time like the present for families to reassess their lifestyle choices and set priorities. The first thing on this list should be to achieve holistic well-being for every member, while focusing on their fitness, nutrition, mental health and snacking habits. Start by exercising every day, making diet plans and sticking to them, and replacing unwholesome snacks with healthy options. My go-to snacking choice is almonds as they are one of the easiest foods to include in the diet. Besides this, almonds are known to have satiating properties and as per a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants who consumed 43 grams of dry, roasted, lightly salted almonds every day experienced reduced hunger and improved dietary vitamin E and monounsaturated (“good”) fat intake without increasing body weight.”

WhileCovid19 swept into every corner of our everyday life, it is important to reevaluate the health and well-being of our loved ones. Families must make the necessary revisions that can add value to every member’s health by modifying their nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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By making lifestyle and dietary changes like making fitness a part of one’s daily routine and choosing a handful of almonds each day in place of less-healthful snacks, families across India can work towards being healthier and fitter.


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