Farmer carves out a success story out of Pig Farming


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The farming diversification schemes of Punjab Government have been instrumental in proving a boon for the farmers of the state.

86b1b08f36bd770c58c1c21d50cba076Disclosing this Jasbir Singh Saini is the proud owner of Roop Jasmin Pigry Farm, Saskaur said that he has received tremendous monetary help and technical assistance from Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab, Government Banks and NABARD in his Endeavour of establishing the pigry farm venture. He further said that when he stated his new venture in a limited area of 3 kanals, the Animal Husbandry Department lent him a helping hand.

Divulging more details, he said that when he started out with just 2 male and 20 female pigs, then Animal Husbandry Department played a yeoman’s role in getting him a loan of Rs. 6 lakh from NABARD and the bank also gave him subsidy of 1 lakh 60 thousand. He said that he re-payed the bank loan in time.

He further disclosed that today he is the proud owner of 65 male and 85 female pigs and when any of his animals gains 100 kg weight, then he gets a price of 10000 for it. He also said that he owns 2 breeds namely- Yorkshire and Khachchar Khan and he faces absolutely no difficulty in procuring feed for them.

  Advising the youngsters he said that if any unemployed youth wants to start out in pigry farming, then he can get an assured income of 50,000 per month. He also disclosed that the State Government also helps such enterprising farmers and organises camps to increase awareness about this sphere.