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Fireworks Frenzy Slot

Fireworks Frenzy Slot: Everyone loves fireworks, don’t they? There is something about standing in the cold, in the dark, wrapped up nice and warm, waiting for the bright lights and loud bangs to begin.

Fireworks Frenzy Slot

November is an exciting time, and full of adventures and memories – so now that there is one of many great slot games called Fireworks Frenzy that can be played all year round, that November excitement can be yours whenever you want.

Fireworks Frenzy is a lovely looking online slot game named by Evecon. The graphics are really attractive, properly evoking the feel and look of bonfire night. Plus, Fireworks Frenzy has a great bonus feature, a chance to gamble what you’ve won for the brave at heart, and enough gameplay to keep everyone occupied.

How To Play

Fireworks Frenzy offers five reels each with three row, and up to twenty-five paylines. When you play, you’ll see that the reels are set against a stunning night sky with colourful fireworks exploding within it. You can even see a crescent moon to add to the atmosphere, as well as a cityscape at the bottom to show you where you are watching from. For some this won’t matter and it’s the game itself that is most important. For others, though, the look of the game is a huge part of the enjoyment, and it could make all the difference.


As for the symbols, there are three that are of high value. These are the rockets, the multicoloured explosion, and the yellow firework. The other symbols – 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A – are of lower value. Even so, they look great, having been designed to look as though someone is writing them with a sparkler.

Fireworks Frenzy does have a wild and in this case it comes in the form of a Catherine wheel. This substitutes for every other card apart from the scatter (which looks like a set of Chinese crackers). Plus it multiplies any win by three times when it contributes to that win.

Bonus Features

To make Fireworks Frenzy even more exciting, there are some additional bonus games and features to be played at any time. The first offers free spins. When you land at least three scatters anywhere on the reels you will get 15 free spins (for three scatters), 20 free spins (for four scatters), or 25 free spins (for five scatters).

There is also a gamble feature. Any standard game can be upgraded by clicking on the gamble button which sits neatly beneath the reels. It’s a simple concept, but one that many players enjoy; if you win your gamble you can double your money, but if you lose you lose it all.


Although Fireworks Frenzy has been around for a little while now, there is still something innately enjoyable about it. Whether it’s because it evokes childhood memories, because of the 94.94% RTP, or because it looks so attractive we’re not sure, but players seem to love it, and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

CP Singh
CP Singh
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