First ever attempt of covering 4 corners of India expedition by Dr Chaudhary reaches Chandigarh


Dr Sunildatta Chaudhary, an Indian from Jalgaon District,

Maharashtra is driving down all four far-most points of India by road

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : If age is no limitation for adventure in life, Dr Sunildatta Chaudhary is a living example of the same. At the age of 53 years, Dr Chaudhary has no less energy than that of youth as he started his ambitious expedition of visiting 4 corners of the country on October 30 from Kanyakumari. He has already covered Approx 7812 km of this expedition in few weeks.

An Indian from Jalgaon District, Maharashtra has already achieved feat of registering his name in the prestigious Limca Book of Records by driving down from the southernmost tip to the northern tip of India 5 years ago. He had travelled 3,847 km in 6 days – 5 hours – 25 minutes from 22 May, 2009 from Kanyakumari and reached Leh on 28 May, 2009.

Dr Chaudhary, while reaching Chandigarh said, “I am in 2nd Inning of my life. Planning is the key and meticulously. I have considered all possible permissions and licenses needed for this expedition. I just want to give one message to the world that one should live the life fullest and should not be afraid of taking bold steps out of fear. Life should be taken as a challenge and adventure.”

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According to Dr Chaudhary, he has driven over 4 lakh kilometres in various expeditions. As a gesture of celebrating the same and fulfilling his son’s (Ramakrishna) dream, Dr Chaudhary took up the challenge of driving down to all 4 corners of the country and hence, registering his name in Limca Book of Records once again.


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