Foods to keep your kids healthy this winter


These Foods Will Keep Your Child Healthy this Winter

Your child’s health is critical this winter, and you need to give its deserved attention. One of the ways of doing this is by paying special attention to the diet you feed him or her. In the remaining sections of this post, our nutrition experts at will share out some of the best foods you need to feed your child on during this cold season. Remain with us as we explore the depth of these foods.


Let us start our journey on a sweet note by looking at berries since they contain what all kids love—sweetness. These fruits are a great choice for your young ones because they are high in nutrients that will enable your kid to get through this cold season safely. Some of the nutrients berries contain are antioxidants and vitamin C that are necessary for boosting your child’s immunity, thereby, keeping him or her healthy. You can also mix them with porridge to give your child a warming breakfast.

Foods Rich in Zinc

This cold season, you should feed your child on foods that contain zinc because during this chilly season, your child will get exposed to many viruses that cause flu and colds. By feeding them on such foods, you allow your kids to develop the necessary immunity to function normally. Some of the foods you will need to give your young ones are spinach and legumes.

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Another great food choice for your young one this winter is kale. This vegetable is rich in iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. These nutrients are necessary for fortifying your child’s immunity against various infections during these cold months of the year. To make your child like it more, you can mix it with sweet flavors such as bananas and sweet potatoes.

Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C

This season is a great time to give your child more greens that are rich in vitamin C. If you feed the little one on such foods, you will help him or her to raise their energy levels to enable them remain active. Some of the foods you should focus on in this category are potatoes and tomatoes.

Organic Turkey

Let us move away from the herbivorous diets and give your child something more carnivorous. To do this, feed the little one on organic turkey. This diet will help the child to raise their energy levels as well as help with his growth and development.


Ending on a carnivorous note, let us look at fish. This season, do not forget to include fish in your child’s menu. You will need to feed him on fish such as salmon and cod because these fishes are rich in vitamin B12. This vitamin is necessary for the healthy functionality of the child’s immunity and dealing with fatigue.

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Since you know, you should act. We hope these insights will help you to feed your child well this winter.


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