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Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat alleged Director Anil Goyal of cheap behavior


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NewZNew (Mumbai) : Sofia Hayat who earlier alleged Arman Kohli for hitting her in Bigg Boss house in 7th season is now seem very unhappy with the director/actor of an upcoming film “Bhai Ka Maal hai”, Anil Goyal for supposedly taking her name for the publicity of his unfinished film, that too when she is not a part the film anymore and reportedly abused her.

[blockquote author=”Sofia” pull=”pullleft”]“They signed me for the film “Bhai ka Maal hai” nearly three years ago and said that they would pay me a scanty amount but I agreed because I was told that they would have a great cast and it would be a good film to be added to my bollywood career. I even took part in the promotion with baba Ramdev Look-a-like a few years back. After, I did not hear anything for 3 years, finally, after they saw me in Bigg Boss, they decided to re start the film and I guess my name was used to sign other actor cast also. I, then clearly refused as I was not interested anymore and my contract was null and void, So to which, Anil (director Anil Goyal) got furious and sent me abusive messages saying that I am a Prostitute who shows her body”[/blockquote]


“Of course, I got mad and decided not to talk to him but he, further fake-accused me for blackmailing him for money. He then again contacted me pleading to do his film, but I put a condition and said, I would do his film only if he pay for my business class air tickets. “

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