Fortis Non-surgical valve implant clinic gives a new lease of life to a hopeless heart patient


Fortis Non-surgical valve implant clinic gives a new lease of life to a hopeless heart patient: Col. Raj Kumar Huskar, an 86 years old patient  from Shimla, who had advanced aortic stenosis with gross heart failure and blocked coronary arteries, has been treated successfully at non-surgical valve implant clinic of Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Fortis Non-surgical valve implant clinic gives a new lease of life to a hopeless heart patient

Fortis Hospital, Mohali’s super-specialty in heart centre had last month launched its non-surgical valve implant clinic under the able guidance of Dr R K Jaswal (Director, Cath Lab and HoD, Fortis Hospital, Mohali) for the benefit of patients suffering from advanced Heart Valve disease. Earlier the only available option for these patients was open heart surgery and a Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement (SAVR).

Dr Jaswal in a press conference here at Chandigarh Press Club today informed, the patient  was attempted transaortic valve replacement at Delhi three years ago but could not be done. Now the patient came to us with critical aortic valve & artery blockages.

“He was so frustrated with quality of his life that he was pleading to let him go without pain. His previous experience at Delhi 3 years ago had further disappointed him. We patiently persuaded him to avail of this excellent option and also made him aware of the proficiency of our TAVR team lead by me. He underwent TAVR on 26th March. He has been discharged and has flown back to Jaipur, where he has relatives, a few days ago and is doing extremely well”, he said.

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Dr. Jaswal explained, “Many of those critically ill valve-disease patients were declined surgery by the surgeons on the grounds of very high risk to life. Therefore, they were left with no treatment option.”

“In recent years, non-surgical valve implantation has been offered to such patients in advanced countries. Fortis Hospital, Mohali has successfully implanted aortic valve in eight of such critically ill patients, who had been declined surgery by the cardiac surgeons in the interest of patient safety during the last 3 years.”

Col. Haskar was quite satisfied with the treatment and was all praise for Dr Jaswal. He said, ‘I am 86 years of age but feel fit now and I am thankful to Dr Jaswal for giving me a new lease of life.’ His wife further added that when he came to the hospital he could barely walk 5-6 steps but after the treatment, all his parameters are normal.

He further mentioned that we have followed up with these patients for up to 3 years after TAVR and they are leading a good quality healthy life without any complications, despite these patients being critically ill at the time of TAVR.

There was no mortality in these patients. It is also a known fact that if done nothing these patients had very high mortality and very short bad quality life span. Dr. Jaswal said, ‘’This is a great option for patients who have advanced valvular heart disease and very high risk to life if Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement (SAVR) is done for them. So in such situation except for TAVR, the medical profession has no permanent solution to their problem. With this technology, even these moribund patients, can now enjoy a normal good quality life without open heart surgery”.