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Glaciers will melt away in next 30 years : Experts

Save the Himalayas Foundation – Chandigarh Chapter warns of the water crisis Environmentalists express concern on the growing effects of global warming International Conference on Himalayan Environment held at Leh

Glaciers will melt away in next 30 years says Experts: A group of environmentalists has warned of grieving situation of water crisis in the whole Himalayan region, owing to the global warming, which is causing glaciers melting at a fast pace.

Glaciers will melt away in next 30 years says Experts

If the conditions remain same, all the Himalayan glaciers will melt down in next 30 years or so.

“The alarm was raised at a recently concluded international conference held at Leh on Himalayan Environment and eco-system,” said Narvijay Yadav, general secretary, Chandigarh Chapter of Save the Himalayas Foundation (SHF-Chd).

Mr Rajesh Patel, Director, Goldenmiles Learning, Mumbai, who’s NGO has been working in remote Ladakh areas to spread awareness about keeping a balance in our approach to natural resources, says, “We have exhausted the natural resources and now is time to give back to the Earth what we have already consumed.”

Mr Binod Chaudhary, Chairman, Chaudhary Group, who is the only billionaire of Nepal included in the Forbes List of Richest People, offered to support the save the Himlayas drive. As a patron of SHF, Mr Chaudhary announced to hold the 2nd SHF international conference in Nepal in November 2020.

Experts suggested ways to slow down the ensuing environmental crisis by applying several ways, like taking bath with only half bucket of water, stopping wastage of food, water and energy, and promoting the concept of reuse and recycle.

The international conference was focused on “World peace, 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi, and Preservation of cultural and natural heritage of the Himalayas’. Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena, founder president, Save the Himalayas Foundation also appealed to everyone to use the natural resources wisely and with mindfulness.

The inaugural programme was held at the Acharya Nagarjuna Auditorium, Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh. However the technical sessions took place at Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC), Choglamsar, Leh.

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