Godrej No. 1 facewash redefines ‘Genuine, Non Made-up look’


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : India’s leading soap brand Godrej No. 1 unveiled its new range of facewashes at a glitering event in Chandigarh. The two varients i.e. Godrej No. 1 Nature white fairness facewash infused with the goodness of kesar and floral extracts and Godrej No. 1 Nature Clear pimple control facewash infused with neem and orange peel extracts was unveiled by leading television actress Deepika Singh (Sandhya of Diya aur Bati fame), Renowned dermatologist Dr. Tripti Rathore & Bollywood fashion stylist Nirali Mehta. The facewashes will be available at all the local utility stores as well as modern retailing outlets. The 50gm facewash tube is priced at Rs. 35 while the 15 gm sachet is priced at Rs. 10.


On the occassion of this launch, a panel discussion around the topic – ‘Genuine, Non Made-up look’ Vs Artificial beauty was held. Moderated by Sunil Kataria, Chief Operating Officer, Sales, Marketing and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), the panel discussion beautifully weaved in the perspectives of all the four panellists culminating into the outcome that ‘Genuine, Non Made-up look’ is far more celebrated and desirous than the concept of cosmetic beauty in India. The panel discussion also brought to the forefront a survey conducted by AC Nielsen that clearly labelled the concept of ‘Genuine, Non Made-up look’ as the clear winner over artificial beauty. The survey was undertaken in key metros and mini metros of India.

Some interesting key takeaways from the survey:

  • 90% of Indian women prefer using beauty products infused with natural ingredients over the rest
  • 65% women feel beauty is about taking care of your skin everyday
  • 90% Indian women feel being well prepared gives them confidence
  • 2 out of 3 Indian women believe that impressions are driven by behaviour rather than appearance
  • 66% Indian women believe that their beauty lies in their talent and not just their looks
  • 63% women in India prefer the genuine and non made up look when going on a date rather than being over dressed
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GODREJ PIC 2On this occassion, Mr. Sunil Kataria, COO – Sales, Marketing and SAARC, GCPL said, “This panel discussion aims at creating conversations that support the cause of believing in one’s genuine, non made-up beauty. While choosing cosmetic or natural beauty methods is subjective, through this panel discussion and findings based out of the AC Nielsen survey, we would like to highlight that the concept of ‘Genuine, Non Made-up look’ still holds strong even with modern cosmetic technology invading the beauty space.”

On Godrej No. 1 brands entry in the facewash category, he added, “With Godrej No. 1 facewash we have combined the goodness of nature with pocket friendly prices and easy to use packaging. With the facewash market seeing an upward trend and expecting to double in the next five years we see our new Godrej No. 1 facewash as one of the key players of the facewash category driving penetration through the factor of accessible pricing.”

Leading television actress, Deepika Singh shared, “Godrej No. 1 as a brand stands for the goodness of nature delivering the best through the products infused with natural ingredients. When Godrej No. 1 approached me for the panel discussion on ‘Genuine, Non made-up look’ Vs. Artificial Beauty, I was very excited to be associated with the brand that lives up to its brand proposition (Prakruti ka Sparsh). Being an actress demands me to be in makeup when in front of the camera and at social dos. But off the camera, in my real life I am comfortable in my own skin and keep make up at bay.”

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She further added, “Genuine, Non Made-up look’ is all about believing in yourself and the confidence you exuberate. It is about staying beautiful through a simple, effective and consistent way. We should look after ourselves without getting obsessed over the cosmetic and glamorous rage that surrounds us. Taking daily holistic care along with dedication to personal and professional growth is what makes one genuinely beautiful. It’s not just about the way you look it is about you as a person and how you take care of yourself and others.”

Renowned dermatologist, Dr. Tripti Rathore shared, “It is human nature that we all want to look natural and young. To give you a number at least 6 out of 10 people I consult prefer the natural look over made up one. I see patients from different backgrounds constantly in the need to correct flaws caused due to accidents, internal health disorders or simply because they want to perfect their features. But one interest lies common in their requirement, that even if they want to undergo a treatment be it medicinal or cosmetic they all want the end result to be able to look genuinely beautiful and non made-up. Godrej No. 1 is the market leader in Grade 1 soaps with the highest TFM content of 76%. Now with the foray into the facewash category it has extended its brand portfolio which will benefit the consumers.”

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Well known Bollywood stylist, Ms. Nirali Mehta opined, “In my field, made up beauty through cosmetics, camera tricks or software tricks is abundantly used so I can’t rule it out completely, but when you meet these stylish divas beyond their work they are in their relaxed genuine yet stylish self. Style is a holistic term made of attitude, panache, and comfort and having an individual charm. So heavy beautifying process can help one to an extent but the real aura shines out only with an enchanting wholesome personality. Also we are now witnessing the trend where the glamour industry is slowly moving into the natural and non made-up look either through nude and natural looking make-up or organic fiber clothing. Genuine, non made-up look is about feeling and looking confident. Godrej No. 1 has always believed in enhancing the genuine beauty through the natural ingredients infused products and with the new facewash range Godrej No. 1 will take the genuine beauty quotient a notch higher.”


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