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Goldmedal opens switches, systems showroom in city

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Goldmedal Electricals Pvt. Limited the one of India’s leading and most innovative electrical-manufacturing company has opened its exclusive showroom at Elante Mall , Chandigarh today . The show room was inaugurated by Mr. Kulwant Singh, MD- Janta Land Promoters Limited (JLPL).The company has already its exclusive showrooms in many leading cities of India including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, and Bengaluru. Through these showrooms, Goldmedal aims to showcase its latest innovations to its target audience that includes architects, builders, interior designers, contractors and the end consumer. The showroom enables the audience to experience the products in the right settings with highly trained personnel explaining on how the various products work and even advice people on using the right products for their use.

Speaking during occasion , Mr. Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals, said that Chandigarh wais one of India’s most modern and developed cities. We therefore saw a lot of interest from people for our aesthetically designed and technically superior products. The showroom like the one we have created, would allow the city people to experience our products to their satisfaction. We wanted our audience to understand what was possible with electrical fittings today. We wanted them to select electrical fittings with as much care as they would select their paint or home furnishings because there were so many options to choose from. We were confident that this exclusive showroom would change the way people look at electrical fittings.”

Meanwhile today, Goldmedal recognized in the industry for its innovative products and the attention it pays to design, look and feel, and packaging. Goldmedal products thus stand out from products manufactured by almost every Indian manufacturer. The company was probably the first in India to introduce Glass Cover Plates. Goldmedal is also probably the only company that offers RF-based Home Automation Systems in India. Unlike IR-based Home Automation, Goldmedal’s Home Automation systems offer true freedom as the switches can be controlled from anywhere in the house. The RF signals can go across rooms and obstacles so you needn’t point the remote to the switch to make it work. In addition, Goldmedal offers i-Home Automation which allows users to control their electrical devices from anywhere in the world! And the best part about installing Goldmedal Automation Systems is that they can be done within your existing wiring. You needn’t do any re-wiring or drill any new holes. You can do the entire set up easily within a day!

Goldmedal also offers a host of other exciting products: Emergency Lights, LED Lights, Step Markers, Modular USB Chargers, Gas Detectors, Bluetooth Players, I-Dock entertainment systems, Remote Controlled Speakers, Extension Cords, Spike Guards, Plugs and Sockets, Fan Regulators, Drape Controllers, Doorbells that play religious tunes, Doorbells that have memory cards to play the music that you want, among others.

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