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Green building Concepts Critical to make Chd a smarter city says Anurag Aggarwal

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : 1st ever two day CII Green Buildtech kicks off at Chandīgarh, “To transform Chandigarh from a smart city to a smarter city, it is critical that all key stakeholders like the industry, the institutions, hospitals, commercial establishments, schools, colleges, and all citizens work in tandem and adopt zero discharge – zero wastage, green building concepts which are energy efficient and self-sufficient with negligible carbon footprints”, emphasised Mr Anurag Aggarwal, Home Secretary, Chandigarh Administration. He was addressing a huge gathering of Architects, Town Planners, Builders, Developers, Civil Engineers, Contractors, Interior Designers and Project Consultants at the 1st ever CII Green Buildtech Conference cum display organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) at CII NR Headquarters in sector 31 A, here today.


“To safeguard the environment and the planet for future generations, we need to promote the use of sustainable, environment friendly, ‘green’ building construction technologies, best green buildings practices, and innovations for conservation of scarce resources throughout the region. This is not just the responsibility of the Governments, rather all stakeholders and the society as a whole has to play a proactive role. It is imperative that all upcoming residential and commercial buildings in Chandigarh are green in nature”, he added.

“As far as Chandigarh Administration is concerned, we have already installed solar PV panels on rooftops of more than 100 Govt buildings so far. Use of solar energy is a key constituent of the green building. Now I urge the industry and citizens from the city to become a producer of electricity while remaining as a Consumer also i.e. a “Prosumer” (Producer + Consumer) and collaborate with CREST to get benefit from GoI’s subsidy and the tariff rate fixed at Rs 8.5 per unit. By installing solar photovoltaic panels on 1,10,000 rooftops available in Chandigarh alone, our city has a potential to generate 400 MWs of solar energy”, he added.

Chandigarh Administration is all set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to make Chandigarh the first ‘Smart City’ in true sense on 25th August at Chandigarh. As per this MoU, CII would provide all expert advice and necessary way forward to the Admin to draw roadmap and on all critical aspects of a smart city and how these aspects are relevant to Chandigarh and the final execution of the framework”, added Mr Aggarwal.


Dr Prem C Jain, Chairman, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) shared that “India’s target of 500 crore sq ft area of green buildings from the present level of 300 crore sq ft can be achieved by 2022 if we all pay respect to our heritage and age old systems and adopt west’s advance technologies at the same time. IGBC is committed to convert our PM Modi’s dream of providing affordable homes to 400 million people into affordable green homes.

“Going green by design offers tremendous tangible & intangible benefits. This will go a long way in improving the quality of life. CII-IGBC is committed to facilitate a greener and healthier India. Green buildings not only address ecological issues and concerns but will also significantly promote the health and wellbeing of the occupants. The need of the hour is to go back to our roots, rediscover our rich architectural heritage and promote buildings which are ecologically superior and economically viable”, he highlighted.

Mr Santosh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) shared that the target of 1,00,000 MW solar energy generation set by Government of India can never be achieved without active support of Chandigarh and its industry & its citizens. The cost of solar panel being just Rs 3 lac for a 3 KW plant is quite reasonable so I urge more and more building owners and residents to adopt solar energy and JERC will buy it at Rs 8.5 per unit. We are ready to provide full support.

“Today, going the green way is not only an imperative for a sustainable tomorrow but it also makes good business sense. It can significantly add to the top and bottom lines of a company, especially in the medium to long term. Chandigarh which is more suited for services and light engineering sector has immense potential in this area. The green agenda needs concerted and collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders including support from Administration and the initiative from industry. To pursue and promote growth in the most sustainable manner in Chandigarh, it is imperative to make the processes more participatory and sustainable”, he added.

Dr Amarpal Singh, CEO, Punjab Energy Development Agency shared that “ An average person who uses just one unit per day of electricity and lives for 75 years, needs to plant 1200 trees in his life time to negate the carbon emissions and harmful impacts to environment. It is so unfortunate that none of us does it. Hence the solar energy is a boon for al of us. The Punjab government has notified its Net Metering Policy for installation of Grid interactive Roof Top Solar Power projects in homes, institutions, Commercial/private/governmental buildings, warehouses and industries in the state. Under this policy, a solar power plant is to be set up on the Roof Top of the building. During the day time power generated there would be used there or in case of excess or no usage, it would be fed in the grid. During the night it could be drawn. A Bi-directional meter would be installed in the supply line for registering of import and export of power. Under this ambitious policy, Solar power projects of capacity ranging from 1KW to 1000KW could be installed and the maximum capacity of solar power project to be installed in a building is 80 percent of the sanctioned electricity load of that building”.

“Under the overarching theme of ‘Making Chandigarh a Smart City’, the CII Chandigarh Council’s endeavour is to ensure that Chandigarh continues to be a sustainable, vibrant center of economic activity and offer a good quality of life to its residents. We believe that Chandigarh has the right ingredients to be the first green, smart city of India. Hence we are signing an MoU with Admin to assist them in every way possible in this regard”, shared Mr Amarbir Singh, Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council.

The CII Green Buildtech Display featured the latest energy efficient innovations and advancements in the product categories like residential elevator Cars, Car Operating Panel, Elevator Wall Samples, Smart Steel Buildings, green Fibre Cement Boards, Stone Cladding, energy efficient Rockwool Insulations, Puf, Prefab Panels, Ceramics & Tiles Hollow Block, Fly ash concrete bricks, Interlocking Pavers, Readymix Concrete and many more.

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