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Greenwood high pioneers in Alumni Relations


NewZNew (Bangalore) : Greenwood High International School has pioneered an initiative to set up an Alumni Office on campus with the support of an education sector consulting, FuturEd. This office is the first of its kind in a school in Bangalore and will be managed by a full time person with the support of a faculty team & student team.

A global connection is crucial for an international school especially with its students scattered all over the world and the decision to set up this office has come in since Greenwood High has completed 10 years and has around 200 alumni. This office will help in tracking all alumni and ensuring that they reconnect not only back with their Alma Mater but with the alumni network as well.

Alumni-Relations.Regular communication will happen through all social media channels and newsletters will be sent out on a monthly basis so as to keep alumni updated about happenings in the school & the alumni network. This unique platform will also enable current students to keep in touch with their seniors, allowing our current students to be exposed and ready for new experiences lined up for them. Alumni can play a key role in mentoring current students and this office will look forward to connecting them through various guest lectures and workshops.

This office will act as the single touch point between the school & alumni and will also look forward to connecting alumni through various events, both national and international. It also aims at bringing out the best in our school and students by giving them examples to look up to, and provide a surge of motivation and encouragement in addition to a sense of pride for our school.

An alumna from the Batch of 2013 (IB), Nikita Agarwal on the importance for a school to keep in touch with its alumni said, “Keeping in touch with alumni gives a school a group of people who can give advice to current students and give feedback on colleges & careers. It also helps alumni to get in touch with their classmates and peers.”

The direction of this office is very clearly defined by its vision – “To create a dedicated and enthusiastic global community of Greenwood High Alumni who are connected & engaged with their Alma mater and their peers in a mutually beneficial relationship” and the school is quite excited to bring their brand ambassadors back home through this initiative.

We believe it’s very important for our current students to communicate with our alumni, in order to learn from their experiences and how life changes once you are out of school. For the same, we will be holding regular Alumni Talks.

The first Alumni Talk was with Divya Krishnan on Monday, 30th March at Greenwood High. Divya is a young aspiring veterinarian, who gave an insightful speech to the students of Grade IX, X and XI, on the journey of high school. Relating to personal experiences, the alumna was able to provide a clear plan of action to students dreaming similar dreams and encouraged the students to never back down, despite the bumps on the road.

Thus the Alumni Office successfully managed to create an environment where students can benefit from the experiences of prior students facing similar situation, by bridging the gap between the past, present and future.

CP Singh
CP Singh
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