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Gurukul World School hosted sports meet-medicine ball “Ashayein – Our Children Our Hope”

Gurukul-LogoNewZNew (Chandigarh) : Gurukul World School, a premier academic institution of the region hosted a two day sports event, ‘Ashayein- Our Children Our Hope’ at Sector-46 stadium that included different sports activities.

The event commenced at 10 am and featured more than 400 students from classes 1-10. The students were categorised under different groups according to their age and the level of difficulty increased accordingly. Some of the games included were – long jump, medicine ball throw, 200m race, shot put, sack race, tug of war and discus throw.


Not only did students enjoy the fun games, but provisions were also made for engaging parents and teachers. For the parents there was  100m race for male and 50m for female. While the race and tug of war competition was organised for the teachers along with scrumptious refreshments for everyone.

“We believe education should not only be restricted to books but should focus on overall development of personality. Ashayein was an effort to refresh the students so that they can work harder towards their academic goals” said the chairman of the school, Mr. Rajesh Gupta, in the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal of Gurukul World School Ms. Aneela said, “We at Gurukul World School are proud of the performance of our students. Sports have always been an integral part of education; it keeps both the body as well the mind active and helps to concentrate better. Ashayein was an opportunity for the students to break the monotonous study routine and help them discover their hidden talents.”

In the closing ceremony the winners were presented with certificates and medals and consolation prizes to the participants, keeping the true spirit of sports alive.

CP Singh
CP Singh
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