Hair care : How to fix split ends


Why do split ends occur?

Split ends occur because the hair has not had enough care and nourishment; this implies poor nourishment of yourself too. Then there is sun and chemical damage, not to mention pollution.

Are some types of hair more prone to split ends than others?

Fine hair, chemically treated hair or hair that has been exposed to sun and chlorine damage is more prone to developing split ends.

What is the anatomy of a split end?

A single strand of hair split into two or more. If you look at a split-end it looks dry. Up-close, it will be completely shattered.

Are split-ends and frizz the same thing?

Split-ends are always frizzy but all frizz is not necessarily split ends. Frizz is typically a raised cuticle layer, typical of dry hair.

Is there a cure to split ends? 

There is no cure to split ends. The only solution is to cut it. If you don’t cut it in time it is likely to split further. You can either prevent the occurrence of split ends with proper diet, exercise and a hair care regimen or trim your hair often.

Is there a right way to trim split ends? Does the twist-and-cut formula work?

The twist and cut technique is a myth. You just have to trim your hair as a whole.

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How often must hair be trimmed? 

Ideally, hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks.

What would be a good hair care regimen to prevent split-ends?

Typically shampoo and condition your hair thrice a week and use a hair mask once a week. Always condition your hair when you shampoo it. The climate in our country, makes it necessary to wash our hair at least twice a week. A dry or flaky and itchy scalp is a sign that you need to wash your hair more often. Dirty hair will fall off if you run your hands through it. Use the right shampoo and conditioner as often as required. The notion that washing your hair daily will exacerbate hair fall is a myth. Massage your head at least once a week. You can even massage without oil. It’s the massage that boosts circulation and causes healthy hair growth.

How do diet and exercise contribute to healthy hair? 

Good health will obviously result in healthier, shinier hair. Anti-oxidants (found in colourful and brightly coloured food and dark green leafy vegetables), protein (found in egg, meat, dal, lentils, soy…) and omega 3 (found in fish amongst other sources) are crucial for healthy hair. Eating every two hours boosts your metabolism and consequently the health of your hair.

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