Hallmark School’s Annual Day Prelude 2014 held, Students Captivate with their Acting & Artistic talent


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Hallmark Public School, Sector-15, Panchkula, organised ‘Prelude 2014’- a creative Cultural Extravaganza to mark the Annual Day Celebrations of the School at Government Girls College Auditorium, Sec 42, Chandigarh.  The Chief Guest at the function was Mr. Vivek Atray DC, Panchkula.

Srijan Sarita a Bharatnatyam rendition heralded the extravaganza. Grade VI-VII students who were trained by the renowned Danseuse & Bharatnatyam proponent Suchitra Mitra gave an immaculate performance of one of India’s most ancient dance forms. Said Mrs. Kavita Wadhwa, Principal, “The content of the programme resonated the achievements, talent and the learning imbibed by students at the school. We keep students abreast of the latest in the field of academics but also encourage them to participate in dramatics and other fine arts as part of their extra curriculum. The annual day provides them a platform to show different facets of their talent.”

The highlight of the event was staging of ‘Shankhnaad‘- a screenplay of the epic saga- Chanakya. To portray Chanakya & the making of Chandragupta by Kalakaar Theatre Group of Hallmark. The enactment was delivered in  ‘shuddh’ Hindi and the young actors had to get themselves bald to bring the true characters on stage. Says Mr. Jivtesh Garg, Director, Hallmark Public School, “While most events of this nature focus on just dance items, music, songs and some have plays revolving around mundane topics, we thought of doing a theatrical presentation with a difference.”

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Grade IV students gave a foot tapping and merry performance in Salsa Nachos. The children danced the Salsa so well that it looked like a truly professional display. The programme then broke into a play – The Blue Light- a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale which was staged by students of Grades V-VI. It was ensured that the setting was carefully done to give the sets a look of Roman era & the costumes too were quite appropriate so was the acting.

The Nursery kids and presented Toonland. The little ones put up a colourful & joyful  show dressed up as their favourite cartoon characters. There was Noddy, Mickey Mouse and all of the characters that kids are so enamored by. ‘Alabina’ a glamourous Belly Dance was presented by Grade I students who danced away to glory on ecstatic rhythms. A dance was portrayed by students of UKG on ‘Ek Anek Ekta’ a 7-minute animated classic, directed by India’s Animation Pioneer – Bhimsain. The moral being “Anekta Mein Ekta”. This was followed by a number of dance items. Kimonos “Chiki- Chiki Chae” a Japanese Fan Dance by LKG students, a Tribal Clan Dance by Grade III students showed the vigour & energy of tribals; in this the unique aspect was that ‘Warli’ art in the backdrop was done by Hallmark students themselves.

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