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Handcraft some love this Valentine’s Day

 Shower your loved ones with gifts made specially for them to celebrate this day!

Handcraft some love this Valentine’s Day: Come February and across the world people are queuing up for all things ‘LOVE’ – candy, flowers, gifts –to be exchanged between loved ones to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Handcraft some love this Valentine’s Day

So if you are looking to up your gifting game this season of love and looking for something unique that has your stamp all over it, here are a few creative DIY gift ideas, for a statement gift for your loved one.

Actions speak louder than words: Can’t speak your feelings? Well, we have the perfect solution for you – write them in so many words! The cutest expression of love is a heart in itself. So what better than making your partner feel loved with a handcrafted heart-shaped envelope that holds those special feelings? Pen down the most romantic note ever to declare your feelings for your loved ones and make their day special.

Powering a greater cause: Like to match outfits with your loved one? Then why not make some matching masks? Make a statement with these beautiful hand crafted heart-shaped couple masks. Show the world, it’s possible to stay safe while making a style statement too. So here’s to masking up in the most loving yet fashionable way!

Pamper those Busy Bees:  For the busy bees, nothing is more welcome than something that’s functional, and if it’s also hand crafted with love and care it’s the icing on the cake. So here’s how to win them over with a handcrafted zipper folder. This will keep all their important documents handy and is a thoughtful and practical gift to give to those loved ones who love to work.

It’s all in the Heart!: The secret to most women’s heart is jewelry, here is one more way to add that extra sparkle to your relationship with a woman you love. A DIY gifting option for those who adore earrings and necklaces. These handcrafted DIY quilted jewelry sets, are a one-of-a-kind set to add to her collection, are trendy and modern, and will add pizzazz to any outfit they want to pair these with.  Simple to make, you can make numerous pairs in a single session using only a few tools and supplies and spread some joy.

Adding more heart to cherished memories: This charming DIY Memory Book can highlight whatever is special between the two of you. It is sure to be treasured by your partner as you relive all those memorable moments and add the new ones as you go along. Who wouldn’t love a personalised memory book? After all its that perfect way to reminiscence the good days you shared till now, and will in the future!

A gift is worth a thousand words. But when made with love, it is a beautiful story of love and romance. Make sure you weave your story right by making a gift your loved one will adore.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry to the Hab to get started. We promise your efforts will not go in vain as you see the smiles they bring to the faces of those you love, as they receive their gifts!

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CP Singh
CP Singh
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