Happy New Year 2016 |Things! What To Do On New Year Eve Celebration


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Happy New Year 2016 |Things! What To Do On New Year Eve Celebration : The “New Year” is the time which arrives with the beginning of a new calendar year. Many countries and cultures celebrate the event in different manner. Something which is coolest way to celebrate “New Year” globally is by organizing party and playing fireworks. Often people visit different attractive places to celebrate “New Year” and people also visit picnic with their friends and family to celebrate the festival to the fullest.


What To Do On New Year Eve Celebration 2016

Actually celebrations are the modes by which we approach to have a rocking “New Year” and by these we can say good bye to the old year and welcome the “New Year”. People indeed always expect that the “New Year” will bring huge joy, blessings and love to make our life beautiful.

Incredibly we have only few days left to welcome the “New Year” 2016 and apart from having party and fireworks we can celebrate the “New Year” in some different ways too. Parties are something which are important for any celebration so obviously parties should be enjoyed.

Let’s talk about some coolest ways by which we can celebrate “The Happy New Year of 2016”:

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1. Visit an open-air event: These types of parties are very similar to “street party”- in which some renowned singers, DJS and musician perform for their fans and fans arrive to enjoy such performances from worldwide. Beautiful fireworks are also showcased in such performances.

2. Visiting of the Club: Often people visit club and discos globally to celebrate the “New Year Eve” with their friends and peer-groups. This is most favorite and common way to celebrate “New Year”.

3. Go out to have Dinner: Going out for dinner with friends and the family is very common way to celebrate “New Year” and we often do so. We often visit hotel or restaurant to have dinner in the “New Year Eve”.

4. Celebration in home: If you celebrate “New Year” in home with your family it will fetch us indeed pleasure. We often celebrate “New Year” in home by watching our favorite cinema in home theater or in DVDs.

5. Family Feast: Family feast is the most memorable way to celebrate “New Year”. On the eve of 1st January generally everybody present in home that day and it would be amazing idea to organized a family feast in which the whole family should join together to enjoy a delicious meal.

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6. Put Selfie: Last but not the least, putting selfies or family photographs in social site such as facebook and instagram is the best way to celebrate the “New Year” finally in which people click photos and pictures or selfies of each other and post it on social site.


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