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HELPOST Announces The Launch of Its Website


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Helpost, an online pro – social, professional platform based primarily on the power of crowd sourcing and #hashtags, has now rolled out its networking portal for global access. The website enables all online users around the globe to seek and offer help to the other for every possible cause. Providing a common space for needs to meet skills, Helpost aims at giving direction to the already present virtue of human kindness.

In a matter of four months time, Helpost has managed to reach out to two lakh people through their help initiatives, all while still working in their pilot phase.Surpassing the success of most networking portals, they are spread over eight metropolitan cities across the length of the Indian subcontinent, with their number of users growing by the second.

Helpost in India will provide an online expanse that will allow its users to connect through states for answers and assistance to problems of every nature. It will identify the similarities of the users’ grievances and reach out to every possible candidate who could support the ones in need. Through this process, a unifying act will initiate, that will begin to transform basic human approach.

HelpostInspired by the sheer convenience of help being provided without the interference of companies and establishments, Helpost allows its users to use their pre existing skills and knowledge to assist those in need of the same, all with minimal effort. The end result allows the same users a transition into more supportive and cooperative beings; and that is their intent – to change the fabric of human nature.

At the press conference, Amol Goel, Founder Helpost said, “HELPOST is a project that moves along the idea, “Helping Helpers Help worldwide”
We are a worldwide project highlighting/flashing people and the simplicities of life, connecting the world through common emotions and a single spirit; spirit of ‘OWON – One world one nation’.
This spirit is not bound by boundaries, castes, colors, classes, sexes, professions, genres because this is the spirit of helping, and this spirit is present everywhere, omnipresent and perpetual.

Apart from its remarkable proliferation in the country, Helpost has already started testing global waters, and that too with an overwhelming response. Having added Nigeria and Turkey to the map, the help-networking platform can only see a brighter future ahead. This extension is being fueled with the motive of expanding not just for the company, but the purpose alone. Helpost’s vision is to increase the probability of maximizing the number of solutions for each posted problem, and the design behind that lies solely in their ability to reach out further. Their mission statement resonates a drive to do their utmost until it is clear that fate isn’t the only means for people to meet and help each other.

[toggle title=”About Helpost”]HELPOST an all stop ‘Prosocial- professional and social networking platform’ based primarily on #hashtags announces the launch of its official website at the Press Club. Helpost is a web portal for help seekers and help providers. It is a platform where the seeker and the help provider meet to satisfy their service needs. On Helpost, people make a post to seek help (help could be anything from looking for repair persons to High end professionals, from advice to maybe directions, from emotional guidance to call for SOS) by using different relevant#hashtags. Other people around them, based on their skills and locations can view the help post and mutually connect. They can directly search for relevant people for the help/job by searching particular skills.[/toggle]

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CP Singh
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