Hero Homes announces launch of ‘Wow Centre’


Hero Homes Wow Centre will enable buyers to experience a simulated walkthrough of township

NewZNew (Ludhiana) : Hero Homes, a flagship value housing brand by the Hero Group, opened the doors to the ‘Hero Homes Wow Centre’ at the Hero Homes site on Sidhwan Canal Road, earlier today. This facility features a path-breaking immersive technology which shall allow home-buyers to experience the future township with the use of virtual reality.The technology involved is a head-mounted display developed by Oculus that is controlled by a personal computer. Through this, viewers will be able to see exactly what their future home and residential community will look like, accurate to the last detail.


Besides the ‘Hero Homes Wow Centre’, the on-site Sample Home was also thrown open to buyers during the event so that they could witness and compare both virtual and real life models. The Home has been built to the exact specifications of the 3 bedroom apartment that will eventually get developed in the township. This means what the buyers see in the Sample Home is exactly what they get.

Hero Homes Wow Centre has been set up inside a state of the art Sales Pavilion with the purpose of giving our buyers an accurate feel of the township, the size of their future home, and its thoughtful design. Apart from the Wow Center and the Sample Home, the Sales Pavilion also has comfortable meeting lounges and presentation centers, and a plush Viewing Gallery that offers an openscape vista of the township, and the latest construction status that can be enjoyed sitting in air-conditioned environment. The Wow Centre lives up to the Hero Group’s legacy of innovation, trust and transparency in the way that we do business,” remarked Mr. Yogesh Verma, President & CEO, Hero Homes.

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“The use of such a virtual reality tool is a real innovation for India’s real-estate sector, where buyers can experience an interactive simulated walkthrough of their future township. In the second phase of this project, members from the Hero Homes’ futuristic family such as Sandy the dog, Angel the little girl, and the grandfather ‘dada-ji’ will guide the buyer through the township giving them a feel not just of the projected physical specifications, but also the social and cultural milieu the township aspires to offer.” he added.

Hero Homes’ official tagline reads India ka future yahaan rahega”. The buildings and facilities within Hero Homes will encourage its residents to rise above existence, and really live life to the fullest. The township will be replete with stimuli like art, sport and features that promote lively interaction. Open areas, parklands and greens shall provide a variety of opportunities for active and passive outdoor activities for fitness and recreation. The simulated walk-through at the ‘Wow Centre’ will give buyers a virtual taste of this.