How Online Gaming Has Changed Casinos Forever


How Online Gaming Has Changed Casinos Forever: Casinos have remained a constant in human society ever since their inception in the mid 1600s, when the Ridotto was established in Venice as a way for the council to regulate gambling over the course of the carnival celebrations.

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Forward wind 400 or so years and there are exponentially more casinos that have popped up, and nowadays they can even be found online.

Oh yes, online gaming has been probably the biggest development in the history of casino to date, completely changing the face of the entire casino gambling industry. That may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but in reality it is completely true. Online casino like has changed the way many of us opt to do our gambling, and things can never be the same again. Read on for a summary of how online gaming has changed casinos forever.

The Internet

Online gaming simply could not exist without the Internet, this is a given, but it has also meant casino has had to make the jump online. There is a staggering amount of casinos out there that have had to close their doors because of this fact, transferring all their services online in order to cope with a changing market.

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One of the most obvious benefits of casino moving predominantly online is that it has become so much more practical to engage in a spot of gambling, seeing as you can do it from the comfort of your own home these days. And there’s more: due to the emergence of mobile gaming in recent years you can now gamble from pretty much anywhere in the world.

You would be a fool to think this would not impact the way people see traditional land-based casinos these days. It requires a lot more effort to trek out to one of these establishments, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of gambling is being done online now.


The emergence of online casino has also drawn hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of new players into the industry, something that means that the jackpots on offer have got even bigger than before. Not only that, you are statistically now more likely to win on something like the slots, simply because developers can afford to make their games a bit more generous.

This is one fact that will certainly change casinos forever – there would be uproar if the prize sizes now started diminishing!

Online Slots

Online slots are without a shadow of a doubt the biggest success story in the casino industry over the last decade, erupting into genuinely huge popularity in a comparatively short amount of time. But this really isn’t a surprise, because these games are so much better than their land-based compatriots.

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It makes sense though, doesn’t it? Online slots have no physical limitations, and developers can therefore go as crazy as they want too when making them. Cue all sorts of bonus rounds and features!