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NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Few days ago, the Twitter verse saw a hashtag which most people around us would relate to. #GrowingUpWithGlasses, the worldwide trend, saw spectacle wearers sharing humorous anecdotes and life instances highlighting the perils of wearing glasses.


While spectacles seem to be the most obvious first solution for vision correction, contact lenses including coloured variants, have emerged as a popular choice amongst youngsters, owing to the ease of usage coupled with instant personality makeover they assist with.

Youngsters like 20 year old Mandeep Kaur, a student of Chandigarh University, are opting for lenses to add comfort to their lives and go about their favourite activities with freedom. She points out, “I am a dancer as well as an athlete, which demands me to be quick and agile during practice routines as well as competitions. I have been a spectacle wearer since childhood, but lately they have become a big hindrance, as they tend to fall or slip, causing inconvenience and making it difficult to concentrate both on-stage and on-field. Since, the time I have started wearing contact lenses my overall performance has significantly improved.”


 “I wanted to get rid of glasses because glasses used to irritate me, leaving marks on side of my nose. So I changed to lenses. Wearing I-Connect contact lenses has helped me to become more self-confident and it’s very comfortable. The best part is that I won’t have to wear glasses any more in college,” says Priya, a fresher in Chandigarh College.

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Apart from convenience, one of the biggest advantages of contact lenses is the superior peripheral vision they provide to the user. Contact lenses move with the eye from side to side, and also don’t fog up or cause blurred vision during rains.


Selection of the right lens that suits your purpose, needs and lifestyle and fits your eye perfectly, are the key criteria to determine the convenience of every day usage. Therefore, it is imperative to consult a qualified eye care practitioner before selecting a lens. Depending on what’s best for your eyes, select a lens designed for daily replacement or reusable for maximum of one month of daily wear. In the midst of their always-on-the-go lifestyle, youngsters should also be particular about compliance and adhere to good hygiene habits while wearing and storing their lenses,” said Prof. Monica Chaudhry, a renowned optometrist from North India.

According to a recent report on the Indian contact lens industry by Euromonitor International, an increased number of youngsters between the age group 18-30 years, are the primarily consumers driving the growth of the cosmetic (coloured) lenses industry, which registered a strong sales growth of 33% in 2014.


“I have always been a big fan of Bausch + Lomb’s coloured contact lenses because they instantly help me create a variety of looks, ranging between bold and subtle. Youngsters can experiment and make a fashion statement by simply trying out lens options in different colours. Also, replacing specs with lenses allows college goers to enter their new phase of life, brimming with confidence,” commented Shaina, a fashion model.

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So, get ready to start your new year in college with a new stylish look and a refreshingly positive attitude! Try for free, by visiting the link below:


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