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How to Select the Best 200cc Bike?

How to Select the Best 200cc Bike?: There is no better way to describe freedom than the feeling of the air brushing your hair when riding a bike. Your two-wheeler is an extension of yourself and reflects your personality.

How to Select the Best 200cc BikeAnd so, the design and performance of 200cc bikes have made them a preferred choice among young and seasoned bikers.

The 200cc bikes produce higher power than other lower cc bikes and are an ideal choice for longer journeys. However, if you are looking forward to buying a 200cc bike, you may like to consider the following factors before going ahead with the purchase:

Experience you have as a biker: 

We all have different riding styles. Some like knee-scraping on topsy-turvy roads, while others believe it is dangerous. This, however, is a matter of how experienced and inexperienced you are. An experienced rider can handle the power of a 200cc bike better than someone who has just started. Remember, upgrading to a high-power bike is best once your hand is set in its lower cc version and you have spent enough time on the roads.

Places where you wish to ride: 

You need to assess the bike’s utility. In case you prefer to use it as a commuter vehicle for long journeys, or adventures, using your 200cc bike should help you decide the type you want to go for. Even though most bikes in the segment are made to run on tarred roads, some may be suitable for both normally paved and difficult or rugged terrains.

Image Source: Bajaj

The body type of your bike:

Which type, and size will complement your build and style is another crucial factor to consider. The 200cc bikes are available in various shapes to suit your taste. Let us look at some types you can consider:


Here, the rider rides upright or slightly leaned back. The feet are placed forward, and the hands are at or above chest level, making the rider feel comfortable. This bike type is a great fit for long highway journeys.

Sports bike:

The bike type gives the rider a little aggressive stance. Here, the hands are below the chest level, and the legs are beneath or behind the body. The elbows are to be kept straight. The body, therefore, makes an acute angle with the thighs. Sports bikes are made for racetracks, sharp turns, and fast lanes.


This 200cc bike type is in the middle of cruisers and sports bikes. The seat is slightly more upright, and the feet do not go too far behind the body. If you are someone who wants to go for long-distance rides can go for a tourer.

Street bikes:

They are a mix of a sports bike and a tourer. These have a more erect seat and are ideal for heavy traffic. You may get this bike type across varied cc bikes, especially in the 200cc bike segment.

Frequency of use:

It is clear that you buy a bike because you need it. But the frequency of usage of your 200cc bike will also help you zero down on the model. On the other hand, high usage means more maintenance charges and fuel costs. Therefore, whenever you select the model, pay attention to its maintenance cost and fuel efficiency.

Ride quality and practical usage:

When you buy a bike, you do not just buy it yourself. You also buy it for your family’s commute and to conduct some regular chores. In this circumstance, you need to estimate the bike’s comfort for the passenger and the load it can carry. The features and convenience it has to support the additional luggage counts too.

Room for customization:

We all love to adorn our bikes and update them with features and accessories per our needs and style. And since the two-wheelers give out a lot about our personalities, it becomes even more important to carry out customization.

If you, too, want to go ahead with the personalization of your 200cc bike, consider the cost, its original design, and maintenance. Better illuminative lights, windscreens, saddlebags, custom exhaust, and backrests are some of the high-utility accessories to invest in.

Consider your budget:

With a growing market, 200cc bikes are available in various budgets. Decide on the one which is cost-effective for you in the longer run. Also, remember to research the available options and get the best model.

Final Words: 

Bikes are known to have a soul and getting their essence right as an owner is extremely important. They can give you a comfortable ride and total value for money when they match your preference and utility.When talking about 200cc bikes, there is nothing better than Bajaj. With seamless power delivery and high performance across all weather conditions, their bikes, such as Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS, Bajaj Dominar 250, Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruiser, and others are considered the best in the segment. Take your pick today.

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