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How To Use Chat GPT In Bing – Everything To Know

How To Use Chat GPT In Bing – Everything To Know: Bing does not have a direct integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3 (which powers ChatGPT) at the moment.

How To Use Chat GPT In BingHowever, you can use a conversational AI platform that utilizes GPT-3, such as OpenAI’s API or, to build a chatbot that can interact with users via Bing.

These platforms provide a way for developers to access the power of GPT-3 and build custom conversational AI experiences, which can then be integrated into various platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and messaging services like Bing.

Microsoft has incorporated artificial intelligence into its Edge browser and Bing search engine, utilizing the cutting-edge technology developed by OpenAI, the same technology behind ChatGPT. Exciting news, as the public can now begin utilizing this new AI technology.

Although the full release has not yet been made, Microsoft is offering early access to the Bing and Edge versions powered by ChatGPT. To be among the first to try this out, read on for instructions.

How to use the new AI-powered Bing

When you visit, you will still see the familiar interface with a beautiful photo background and search box. But if you take a closer look, you will notice a Chat button located on the top left of the Images section.

Currently, clicking this button will bring up a message indicating that the feature is not yet available. However, there is a way to preview it in advance with some preset samples and even sign up for a waiting list to have early access to the full version when it is released.

To get a sneak peek of the new ChatGPT-powered Bing, simply go to on any browser, including on a MacBook, and scroll down to the “Ask anything” section.

Once you reach the “Ask anything” section on, you can experiment with the AI by clicking on any of the blue boxes to select a sample question or task. For instance, if you choose the option to “Write a rhyming poem,” the AI will be preloaded with a request to compose a poem for a child who loves dogs and the ocean.

Additionally, you can browse through other sample suggestions located on the left and right sides, or return to the previous page and select from the list of blue boxes. I selected a sample tweet prompt from the left side, and the AI generated an announcement of a sibling’s graduation.

Please note that the sample suggestions are frequently updated, so you have the opportunity to preview a variety of prompts and AI responses before the full version is made available to the public.

How to download the new AI-powered Edge

Microsoft has not made the new Edge browser as widely available as Bing, but it can still be previewed through the Microsoft Edge Insider page. Here, you can download beta, dev, or canary versions of the browser, each with varying update frequencies.

The beta version receives a significant update every four weeks, previewing new features, while the dev version is updated every week, and the canary version is updated daily with the latest fixes that Microsoft is experimenting with.

Microsoft has announced that a dev channel version will be released on February 7th, but the version we tested did not yet include the integration. If you want to be one of the first to try out the updated Edge browser, make sure to keep an eye on the Microsoft Edge Insider page.

How can I get faster access?

The exact timing of the full rollout of the new Bing with ChatGPT technology is uncertain, with Microsoft only stating that the preview will be scaled to reach millions in the coming weeks. Currently, the preview is accessible in a limited form on desktop browsers.

Over time, the new Bing will become available on smartphones as well. If you’re eager to get faster access to the new Bing, you can follow the steps outlined by clicking on the large blue button labeled “Access the new Bing faster.” This will show you how to prioritize your access.

The requirements to move up in line include setting Microsoft Edge as your default browser and Bing as your default search engine. Additionally, you need to make MSN your homepage and complete other simple tasks that help keep Microsoft’s apps and services at the forefront of your desktop experience.

Is Bing chat the same as ChatGPT?

According to Microsoft, the new Bing chat features a cutting-edge, next-generation OpenAI language model that surpasses even ChatGPT in its capabilities. The integration of this technology with Bing search brings unique considerations to the table.

Compared to ChatGPT, Bing’s AI is designed to be much quicker while offering improved capabilities. Known as the Prometheus model, Microsoft integrates real-time news into its chat, ensuring that users receive current and relevant results while maintaining safety and security for Bing’s vast user base.

How will the full version work?

One of the exciting features of the new Bing chat is its versatility. With a Bing sidebar open, you can access it from anywhere, allowing you to use it as a writing assistant in various contexts, such as composing a LinkedIn post. Microsoft has provided an example of how it might work.

In this example, a Microsoft executive wants to create a medium-length paragraph with an enthusiastic tone, such as “Introducing the new AI-Powered Bing and Edge.”

With the ability to quickly switch between different tones, lengths, and styles, tasks like this will become more efficient. This offers a compelling reason to choose Microsoft’s Bing search and Edge browser, which could help it gain some of the massive traffic that Google Search enjoys and make inroads against the Chrome browser.

How much does it cost?

As of now, there is no information about any fees associated with the new AI features of Bing. Microsoft has stated that advertisements will be a part of the experience from the beginning and there are currently no plans to charge a fee.

On the other hand, OpenAI has recently introduced its subscription-based ChatGPT Plus to handle the rising costs caused by an influx of new users. If Microsoft’s claim of surpassing ChatGPT proves to be accurate, it would be a noteworthy achievement.

Other AI options

The market is teeming with AI writing tools, but the top ones are largely based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT or GPT-3. Google, not lagging behind, is poised to introduce its Bard AI to Google Search. This sets the stage for a fierce competition among companies to provide the most precise, pertinent, and up-to-date AI-powered search engine.

Whichever company emerges victorious, the end result is a positive one for consumers, as the pursuit of excellence in search engines and chat AI is likely to keep costs low, if not completely free, for a significant period of time.

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