How to watch Shooting Stars in Australia on Peacock TV


How to watch Shooting Stars in Australia on Peacock TV: Step back in time to the 1990s when basketball legend LeBron James and his friends embarked on their journey to greatness.

How to watch Shooting Stars in Australia on Peacock TVFacing challenges and a controversial decision to switch schools, LeBron and his friends, known as the Fab Four, strive to prove themselves on a predominantly white Catholic team, overcoming initial community resistance.

Here is all the information you need to know about how to watch Shooting Stars in Australia on Peacock TV.

Quick steps: How to watch Shooting Stars in Australia on Peacock TV using a VPN

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN
  2. Download the VPN and connect to the US server.
  3. Log in to Peacock TV.
  4. Find Shooting Stars and stream it no matter where you are!
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Why is Peacock TV not available in Australia?

Peacock TV’s availability outside the United States, such as in Australia, is subject to licensing agreements and regional broadcasting rights. However, it is possible to access Peacock TV in Australia by using a VPN and connecting to a US server. This allows users to bypass regional restrictions and access the streaming service as if they were in the United States.

Shooting Stars release date

Shooting Stars is set to premiere exclusively on Peacock in the US and select US territories on Friday, June 2, 2023.

Where to watch Shooting Stars in Australia?

Shooting Stars will be exclusively available for streaming on Peacock, a platform limited to the United States. If you are located in Australia, you may experience a loss of access to the streaming service due to geo-restrictions. However, it is possible to stream the movie by connecting to a US server using a VPN to bypass these limitations.

Shooting Stars plot

Shooting Stars is a captivating story set in the 1990s, focusing on James and his three teammates, ambitious young teenagers determined to leave a lasting impact on the world. Their journey toward becoming the top high school basketball team in the nation is filled with unforeseen challenges that they must overcome in order to achieve their goals. These hurdles encompass issues of racism, media scrutiny, and the frustration of experiencing defeat as a team.

Shooting Stars – what is the film based on?

Shooting Stars is an enthralling film that takes its inspiration from the book written by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger. Serving as an origin story for LeBron James, the movie chronicles the journey of him and his childhood friends as they rise to become the leading high school basketball team in the United States. This pivotal experience acts as a catalyst for their future accomplishments, including NBA championships and Olympic gold medals.

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The film draws from the book’s narrative and emphasizes a significant turning point when their coach threatens to separate the close-knit group, known as the “Fab Four.” In a bold and united decision, they opt to switch schools together and enroll in a predominantly white Catholic school, where they can play varsity basketball as a unified team. Despite facing backlash from their community, their unyielding dedication and unwavering bond empower them to overcome the obstacles they encounter along the way.

Is there a trailer for Shooting Stars?

The official trailer of the film exudes an inspirational tone that will undoubtedly captivate fans of sports dramas and biopics. With a focus on delivering an engaging and entertaining experience, the trailer manages to avoid revealing any major plot details, ensuring that viewers can anticipate a thrilling and dramatic story. Take a glimpse at the exciting sneak peek provided below.

Prepare for another captivating teaser trailer of the film, featuring the iconic voice of LeBron James narrating the clip. This exclusive glimpse offers a fresh preview of the upcoming movie, igniting excitement and anticipation among viewers:

Peacock’s Shooting Stars cast: Who stars in the new LeBron James movie?

Marquis ”Mookie” Cook as LeBron James

Peacock’s Shooting Stars features Marquis ”Mookie” Cook, a beloved basketball star from Oregon, in the lead role of LeBron James. In the film’s trailer, Cook showcases remarkable talent, embodying his character’s charisma, unwavering passion, and resolute determination effortlessly. While this marks his debut in a major film role, Cook’s exceptional basketball skills assure viewers that he will bring authenticity and excellence to his portrayal of the iconic athlete.

Caleb McLaughlin as Lil Dru

In the new sports film, Caleb McLaughlin takes on the role of Lil Dru, a close friend of James and the son of Coach Dru Joyce. McLaughlin’s portrayal in the film’s trailer is striking, leaving viewers intrigued about the depth of his character in the movie. Known for his notable performance in Stranger Things, McLaughlin has showcased his acting prowess in projects like Concrete Cowboy and High Flying Bird, among others. It is evident that his talent and versatility will contribute to the compelling portrayal of Lil Dru in Shooting Stars.

Wood Harris as Coach Dru Joyce

Wood Harris, known for his role in The Wire, stars as Coach Dru Joyce in Shooting Stars. As the assistant coach and mentor to LeBron and Lil Dru, Harris’s performance promises depth and nuance. Despite a brief appearance in the trailer, his impressive filmography, including Creed III and Blade Runner 2049, builds anticipation for his compelling portrayal in the film.

Who else is starring in Shooting Stars?

In addition to Marquis ”Mookie” Cook, Caleb McLaughlin, and Wood Harris, the upcoming sports drama features a talented ensemble cast in significant supporting and minor roles. Here are the following names of the cast members:

  • Khalil Everage as Sian Cotton
  • Thomas W Wolf as Steve
  • Bryant Carroll O’Brien
  • Diane Howard as Carolyn Joyce
  • Aubree Stone as St. Vincent Cheerleader
  • Stefan Johnson as Play-By-Play Announcer
  • Diane Howard as Carolyn Joyce
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How long is Shooting Stars?

With a runtime of 116 minutes, Shooting Stars effectively captures the essential elements of its subject’s formative years, ensuring a comprehensive storytelling experience.

Where was Shooting Stars filmed?

The filming of Shooting Stars took place in Northeast Ohio, with production crews being spotted in locations such as Beachwood and Cleveland Heights.

What is Shooting Stars IMDb rating?

The IMDb rating for Peacock’s Shooting Stars is currently unavailable, leaving audiences eager to discover the film’s reception and impact.

How are the fans reacting to Shooting Stars on social media?

How are the critics reviewing Shooting Stars?

According to a review by Frank Scheck in The Hollywood Reporter, the protagonists of Shooting Stars make a pact to attend high school together, but their plan is jeopardized by Lil Dru’s small stature. In a controversial move, they choose to enroll at St. Vincent-St. Mary, a predominantly white Catholic school, instead of the local public high school. Despite facing criticism from the community, they adapt to their new environment and embrace the nickname, Black Irish. The addition of former rival Romeo Travis to the team proves beneficial, and their coach, Keith Dambrot (played by Dermot Mulroney), brings depth to the story with a standout performance. Dambrot, a former college basketball coach who faced controversy, navigates his own challenges while displaying unwavering dedication to his players, combined with a mix of realism, self-mocking humor, and fierce intensity.

Where else can I watch this show?

Shooting Stars is exclusively available on Peacock TV.

What else can I watch on Peacock TV?

  • Bel-Air Season 2 in the UK
  • The Real Housewives of Miami in Canada
  • Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss in Canada


Is Shooting Stars available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Shooting Stars is unavailable on Netflix.

Is Shooting Stars worth watching?

Shooting Stars is definitely worth watching, especially for fans of sports dramas and biopics. The film offers an engaging portrayal of LeBron James’ early years and his remarkable journey to becoming a basketball legend. The story delves into themes of friendship, perseverance, and overcoming adversity, making it a compelling and inspiring watch. Whether you’re a fan of basketball or simply enjoy compelling storytelling, Shooting Stars has the potential to be an entertaining and uplifting movie experience.

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