IBSFINtech revitalizes Corporate Treasury Management with Sector-agnostic Innovative Product Suite


ibsfintech-logoNewZNew (Bengaluru) : IBSFINtech a leading provider of niche financial software for Forex, Treasury and Trade Finance management. The company is at the forefront of providing an end-to-end and real-time treasury management solution for organizations across the spectrum of large, mid-size and small corporates.

In being one of its kind and a forerunner, IBSFINtech stakes its prime claim in being a true “Make In India” company in this niche domain, offering comprehensive treasury and trade finance solutions. Developed by experienced ex-bankers and techno-bankers with more than 100+ years of cumulative experience in the domain, IBSFINtech’s products, Innovative Treasury 5.0i and Innovative Trade Finance 5.0i, empower stakeholders with a ‘single moment of truth’ and thereby facilitating:

  • Access to real-time critical information
  • Seamless integration with diverse technology landscape

This ensures risk mitigation and enhanced business performance for the corporate. As a result, IBSFINtech is playing instrumental role in helping corporates turn treasury into a strategic profit centre for their organization.

Mr. C.M.Grover, Executive Director, IBSFINtech, said, “In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, corporations are vigilantly focused on mitigating risk, cash management and improving their cash flow forecasting.

They need a Treasury Management System (TMS) which would be capable of handling multiple asset classes, has real time interface with multiple trading platforms and markets, integrates seamlessly with organization’s transactional systems and last but the not the least is affordable.”

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Adding further, Mr. C.M.Grover envisaged, “Looking at the future landscape of corporate treasury management and the usage of mobile devices, ‘Treasury on Mobile’ is not far-fetched, wherein the stakeholders can have quick, real-time access to critical information on their finger-tips!” IBSFINtech is working towards enabling the same for their existing and new clients.”

The company is currently assisting clients across verticals such as chemicals, commodity management, publishing media, E-commerce, FMCG, diamond & jewellery, iron & steel, textiles, packaging material, cashew exports and Forex Advisory consultants.

IBSFINtech’s product portfolio is designed with futuristic vision, enabling ease of scalability even with increase in client’s business entities and volume of transactions. The products are available On-Premise as well as on Cloud. The product suite being innovative wins hands down when compared to its global peers on some very key criteria. These are:

–          Quick implementation ( Usually 2-4 Months)

–          Ease of Use (extremely user-friendly and Intuitive User-interface)

–          Short learning curve (as short as 3-days!)

–          Lowest TCO (when compared to similar products from global peers)

In short, IBSFINtech has designed an intuitive and innovative product portfolio which facilitates complete ecosystem of treasury management.

Going by a recent survey, 56% of Indian corporate treasurers consider unmanageable volatility in financial markets as their biggest concern and 43% believe that automation of treasury and trade finance operations is an immediate need, even if it requires some capital investment. This showcases an inclination of today’s new age corporate treasurer to evaluate technology as an enabler of treasury management. Moreover a deeper study undertaken into the exports and imports of top 10 companies in the country (including both Public and Private Sector), highlighted that these organizations have thousands of crores exposed to market risks. They are losing out on few more thousands of crores due to delayed treasury management decisions as a result of dependence on stale and archaic information management solutions such as spreadsheets and excels. This risk can now be effectively mitigated, managed, and even converted into profits by leveraging an end to end treasury management software product.

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