Who Imbibe Satguru’s teachings of truth, are blessed with all happiness in life


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Devotees, who imbibe Satguru’s teachings of truth, are blessed with all happiness in life. These thoughts were shared by Sh Gurdev Singh ji Kakuwal, Central Parcharak, Sant Nirankari Mandal, Delhi addressing a mammoth gathering of devotees.

Sh Singh further said, if man gets divine knowledge after taking shelter of Lord Master of the day, he gets absolved off 84 lakh species. He becomes free from differences of caste & creed, religion, own & others, perceives God in everyone and is blessed with materialistic and spiritual pleasures. Today God Knowledge is being provided by Satguru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj to entire humanity.

Need for God Knowledge has been felt important since ages. Elaborating this Sh Singh said Sri Krishna imparted God Knowledge to Arjuna which lead to removal of illusions from Arjun’s mind, otherwise he was getting distracted from his responsibilities. Man is always engrossed in shackles of illusions till darkness of ignorance is persistent. These illusions and shackles become reason for disturbances in one’s life, but journey become blissful on getting enlightened.

All devotees of ancient times have given importance to devotion only. Wordly things does not attract the devotee, rather he is always engrossed in name of God & one feel Nirankar round the clock. If this Nirankar dwells in one’s mind, he is remembered effortlessly. Sewa, Simran & Satsang are integral part of devotion, should be always imbibed & bless one’s life with divine virtues.

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Earlier Sh Mohinder Singh ji-Sanyojak, Sant Nirankari Mandal-Chandigarh branch welcomed Sh Gurdev Singh ji Kakuwal ji by garlanding & putting Dupatta on behalf of entire congregation.


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