India might open its doors to crypto live dealer gambling soon


India might open its doors to crypto live dealer gambling soon: India might be known as a country that has embraced cryptocurrency in a friendly way, however it would seem that there are still industries available within the country that could benefit a little more and adopt digital currency a little further.

India might open its doors to crypto live dealer gambling soon

Live dealer crypto casinos in India, and even the general online crypto gambling sector, is yet to truly open its online doors to using virtual currency, despite the fact that there are a number of positives that can be experienced when doing so with Slot Machine.

Gamblers have already been able to enjoy a number of big benefits and savings that can be associated with crypto, which is why there is the possibility of the doors being opened to it in the future. Furthermore, the Indian government continues to study the viability of gamifying the use of digital assets.

Live casinos within India continue to boom

Despite the fact that there are a number of growth opportunities available to the industry as a whole, it is hard to deny that the live casino market is not already booming and experiencing insane numbers in regards to player levels and adoption rates.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why live casino has become incredibly popular in India, with technology, convenience and choice all playing a major role. Much of the nation’s population own a smartphone or tablet device, as it had been estimated that over 748 million people in the country had owned the former in 2020, thus making it incredibly easy to access an online gaming platform and play from anywhere they are able to acquire an internet connection. As they are able to get on wherever they wish, they are awarded the luxury of convenience and do not have to go out of their way to go to a physical establishment, whilst they can play games at any time of day and not be limited.

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As mentioned, another reason live casinos within India have managed to grow at an exceptional rate is down to the choice of games that are continually on offer to punters. Gamblers are now rewarded with such a huge array of different titles and games to choose from, their gaming experience can always be one that is of an incredible nature.

Technology within live casinos has to be the biggest factor

Quick customer support and accessibility are other major factors that have helped live casinos to grow, as well, although technology has undoubtedly allowed the industry to move forward at an incredible rate of pace.

Players are now able to receive the most authentic and real experiences possible when they play live casino games because of the tech that has been made available. Live dealers and traditional casino room settings are easily provided, thus making the games played being as immersive as possible and ensuring bettors feel as though they are actually at a physical brick-and-mortar establishment.

In addition, many feel that live dealer technology takes gaming in a different direction, which is why it has proven to be as popular as it has become over the years. Many continue to value humans a lot more than they do robots, as they will be provided with a level of personal interaction, whilst they will also feel more comfortable about how the game is being operated. Although online slots all feature Random Number Generators (RNGs), many would rather trust a live dealer as they can see everything that takes place, thus keeping their minds at ease.

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However, it should be noted that there is no doubt that humans and technology work well together and complement each other as they both require the other to be able to perform as effectively as possible. They both work together, rather than against each other, in order to create the best live dealer casino experience possible.

Indians would benefit by using crypto for live dealer casino betting

To conclude, there is no doubt that Indians would be able to benefit greatly by using crypto when playing live dealer casino games. This is because the digital currency assets would provide them with a number of huge advantages that fiat finance simply does not afford. From faster transaction speeds, lower fees, higher levels of security and anonymity, it would not be a surprise to see the country open its doors to crypto live dealer gambling in the very near future.


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