India and Nepal: A Continuing Genocide for Animals

NewZNew (New Delhi -Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : The visit by our PM Modi to Nepal for the SAARC summit resulted in many fruitful opportunities for both countries and a strengthening of bilateral ties. However, thousands of animals continued to suffer the same fate on both sides of the border.
nepal (1) nepal (2)Nepal witnessed the world’s largest animal sacrifice — the Gadhimai Festival in Nepal — where thousands of buffalo calves, goats and birds were brutally hacked and bled to death on 28th and 29th November – most of them smuggled across from India. The festival drew international horror as efforts were made by animal activists from all over India and the world to curtail the illegal trafficking of Indian animals, destined for massacre. The silver
lining is that the number of animals has drastically reduced as a result of efforts of animal activists.
However, FIAPO’s spokesperson, less optimistically said “The fact is, animals are bludgeoned just like this every day in India. This is what makes India the world’s largest beef exporter.  With more 30,000 illegal slaughterhouses, the revolution is not just a ‘pink’ revolution but a dark, tormented and an anguishing red one.”
In the aftermath of Gadhimai, FIAPO is calling upon India’s citizens to make compassionate food choices and avert a Gadhimai for thousands of innocent animals each day.
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