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Indian Home utility Manufacturer Bonita Sets Sight on International Markets

  • On course to become a rare Indian global brand, Bonita will debut in the markets of Europe and West Asia by August 2015
  • The Indian brand is in talks with Venture Capitalists to fund its major expansion plans across the globe


NewZNew (New Delhi) : After gaining a foothold in the markets of Australia, US and New Zealand, Bonita, India’s most popular home utility product line from the house of Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd, is now venturing into the European and West Asian markets, expanding its presence across half of the globe.

After climbing to the brand leadership position in India in a short span of time, Bonita is now aiming to become a global brand to reckon with. While Bonita products have already become a hot pick in USA, the brand will start selling its range in Prague by July 2015. It is on path to launch in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Dubai and UAE in July 2015. By August 2015, the brand will start selling its popular line of home utility products in Canada, Russia and other East European countries.

Bonita began its business operation in 2012 and within a short span of 3 years, it has been able to offer its innovation through network distributors and 1000+ independent house wares stores across 45 cities in India. It is now on course to become one of the rare Indian global brands.

“The brand was conceived around 3.5 years back when we realized that there was a big gap in the Indian as well as international markets for good quality, innovative and well designed products in the laundry and storage category. Our objective was to have an Indian brand which is known and is available globally under its own name. We were initially discouraged by a lot of people who told us that even large Indian companies also do not build brands globally because it is very difficult to get acceptance of an Indian brand in the international market. We however remained adamant and confident that we will be able to break out on to the global stage,” said Mr Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Casa Brands India Pvt Ltd.

“We realized that if you have quality and innovation in your product, you are bound to succeed. We are now starting to see acceptance and success in all markets. We have been successful in conquering space in the US market. Our products are selling well in Australia and New Zealand as well. With a presence in Europe, Middle East and Russia, our products will now be available to a large mass of humanity,” adds Mr Umang Srivastava.

Over the next 3-4 years, the Indian brand aims to become a major international player in its category with a target of establishing its presence in at least 50 countries, with a product range of 500 + products and at least 50+ patents under its own brand name.

Bonita’s entry into the domain has transformed the home utility market into a brand-driven chic space, where innovative and stylish products now rule the roost. Bonita already has 4-5 patents under its name. Additionally, it has also successfully established its warehouses in countries like US and Prague. The remarkable new products offered by the company filled a major void in the home utility market that was hitherto driven by generic, low on style products.

Besides, Bonita has also planned to raise funds through Venture Capitalists to support its plans for brand building, product development, supply chain, human resource management and IT team expansion. This also makes Bonita one of the few Indian brands to make an international leap without compromising on its brand name and identity.

“Bonita is getting very good response across the world and the company is planning to build it up to the next level and emerge as the largest global brand in Home Utility Category. To take this journey, we are talking to various VCs to help us fund the growth that will come in the next couple of years. Further, we are looking to be available through 3500 stores in India and through 35 countries by the end of FY 2015-16. Apart from this, we are looking to expand our product range to 150+ items by end of this FY,” added Mr. Srivastava.

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