Indian Orthopaedician Develops New Knee Surgery Technique


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Bringing major relief to the patients undergoing knee replacement surgeries, noted joint replacement surgeon Dr Harsimran Singh has devised a technique that translates into lesser surgical time, lesser trauma, faster recovery and less post operative pain.

The Director and Head, Department of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Fortis Hospital, Dr Harsimran Singh will now teach this new technique to the Europeon surgeons where at the Aesculap Academy he has been invited to join in as the faculty member.

Dr Harsimran has been conferred international honor by Bbraun’s Dr Med Hartmerth Kiefer, Director of Clinic for Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery Lukas-Hospital Bunder Germany and Mrs Barbara Giese, Director
Operational Marketing Orthopedics.

Dr Harsimran who has been conferred this international honor for the new Modified Measured Resection Technique using Computer navigation technique, has conducted 4000 procedures using this technique. He also holds the distinction of performing over 7000 Computer Navigated knee replacements, which is the highest number for any surgeon in India.

Explaining his technique, Dr Singh said that the currently popular technique of computer navigation, called “Gap Balancing”, which provides accurate alignment and soft tissue balancing when the knee deformity is not very severe, was proving to be technically difficult and time consuming for the kind of patient anatomy that Indian surgeons come across.

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 “Most of the patients report in India very late, when the knees have become severely deformed. A good proportion of our patients also have small fragments of bone (osteophytes) broken off which make Gap Balancing technique difficult to perform,” he said.

With the new technique of Modified Measured Resection, Dr Harsimran has solved both the above problems easily. The average time of surgery in Dr Harsimran’s technique is 25-30 min as against 50-60 minutes in the old technique. In addition, the amount of tissue dissection required is also less, which translates into faster, painless recovery and better range of motion for the patients.

Dr Med Hartmerth Kiefer from Germany added that the technique of Modified Measured Resection would prove highly beneficial to the Indian surgeons and patients. He explained further that Dr Harsimran has developed a simple formula for deciding the amount of bone cuts needed using the data given by computer software along with the amount of deformity and posterior osteophytes. He invited Dr Harsimran to join as faculty in the Aesculap Academy to provide training to the surgeons in Europe about this technique.


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