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Ingersoll Rand and Aadiushmaa Engineers Host Customer Connect Program

Ingersoll Rand and Aadiushmaa Engineers Host Customer Connect Program: Ingersoll Rand and Aadiushmaa Engineers Pvt Ltd held a Customer Connect program aimed to help business leaders understand better ways to use technology and save energy.
Ingersoll Rand and Aadiushmaa Engineers Host Customer Connect ProgramExperts from Ingersoll Rand led discussions on new ways to use oil-free technology, save energy, and make energy-saving plans that really work.
Attendees, including leaders companies like Cipla, Healthcaps, Wallace pharma, Panacea Biotec took part in the event. They held talks about making their work more efficient, improving productivity, and being kinder to the environment.
The program highlighted some key topics, like using the right parts to make machines work their best, finding and fixing air leaks, and using the heat from compressors to save energy. These talks showed how important it is for the industry to think about the environment while doing business.
Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain, Director of Aadiushmaa Engineer Pvt Ltd and Ingersoll Territory Leader – India and Middle East, said, “This program demonstrates our collective commitment to smart technology use, energy conservation, and sustainability”.
He added this program shows that the industry is serious about finding new ways to work better while also taking care of the planet and with teamwork and sharing knowledge, everyone can make a difference and make the industry even better.
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