Iraqi National undergoes hips’ replacement surgery successfully at Fortis Mohali


NewZNew (S A SNagar) : For 33-year-old Haieder, a resident of Karballah in Iraq, life had come to a standstill. He was suffering from AVN Disease – Avascular necrosis – which is death of bone tissues due to lack of blood supply. With both his hips affected badly due to the disease, Haieder was bed-ridden for around 1.5 years and was leading a very painful life. At Iraq the doctors told him surgery was the only option. However, with no good centres in his home country, Haieder opted not to undergo surgery.


A few days ago, a family friend told him about Fortis Hospital Mohali, who had earlier got treatment here. Encouraged by his family friend’s advice of good treatment and recovery at Fortis Mohali, Haieder contacted Dr Harsimran Singh, Director – Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement, at the hospital. “We asked him to send his reports and following it we advised both hips’ replacement,” said Dr Harsimran.

Haieder got admitted at Fortis Mohali on August 19 and his surgery was conducted on 21. “As he is a very young patient and both his hips were damaged, we suggested that he go with Dual Mobility Hip, instead of traditional hip implants. With the dual mobility hip implants, he will also be able to sit cross-legged and carry out all normal activities comfortably,” said Dr Harsimran.

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Happy recovering from the surgery, Haieder said before leaving for his hometown in Iraq, “It’s just been two weeks since my surgery, and I am flying back to Iraq.” He returned to Iraq on September 12.

Dr Harsimran said that within just two weeks of the surgery, Haieder had discontinued all walking support. No physiotherapy was needed, and he was in no pain as there were very small cuts during the hip replacement surgery. “That’s why his recovery was so quick and pain-free. This is probably the first such surgery in North India,” Dr Harsimran added.

While returning, Haider praised the Fortis staff and doctors, saying, “I was treated like family and I never felt like I was away from home. After long painful months of not being able to walk, I look forward to this new life given by Dr Harsimran.”


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