JioPhone Next ‘Exchange to Upgrade’ Offer


JioPhone Next ‘Exchange to Upgrade’ Offer: Reliance Retail has launched a limited period Exchange to Upgrade offer for JioPhone Next. As per the offer, customers can exchange a functional 4G featurephone or smartphone for a brand new JioPhone Next for just ₹4,499.

JioPhone Next ‘Exchange to Upgrade’ OfferThe JioPhone Next ‘Exchange to Upgrade’ offer allows many more Indians to embrace a truly smart Digital Life. With this offer existing 4G feature phone and smartphone users will no longer be held back by their device constraints and be able to enjoy the true 4G Jio Digital Life to the fullest.

Current users of 4G feature phones will now be able to migrate much more easily to the large screen digital experience on the world’s most affordable 4G smartphone. Similarly the current 4G low-end smartphone users too can affordably upgrade to a seamless and enhanced digital life offer by JioPhone Next which runs on Pragati OS – the optimised version of Android that supports a rich suite of applications and usage without compromising on the user experience.

The offer is available through Reliance Retail’s extensive network of JioMart Digital and Reliance Digital stores in the remotest corners of the country, making it geographically and economically accessible to many more Indians.

Knoe More About the JioPhone Next

Designed jointly by Jio and Google, JioPhone Next is the world’s most affordable 4G smartphone that comes with a 5.45” HD screen with Corning Gorilla glass, 2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM (expandable up to 128GB), a 13MP primary camera, 8MP front camera, 3500 mAh battery, and a range of other advanced features which include

  • Voice first capabilities – Using Google Assistant, users could operate the device and access the internet using voice commands, that too in multiple languages.
  • Read Aloud – Users could have any content on the screen read out to them by the device.
  • Translate Now – Users could have any the content on screen translated to 10 popularly spoken Indian languages.
  • Easy and Smart Camera – Using JioPhone Next’s smart and powerful camera, users could click photos using Portrait Mode, which automatically blurs the background in an image; Night Mode, which allows users to capture great photos even in low light conditions; and apply a range of filters to images. The camera also features custom India-themed lenses that enhance selfies with emotions and festivities.
  • Automatic feature updates – JioPhone Next comes with over-the-air updates for new features, customization, security and more, which will continue to enhance the phone experience over time.
  • Easily media share – Users can instantly share apps, files, photos, videos, music and more with family and friends even without the internet, using the ‘Nearby Share’ feature.
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JioPhone Next is powered by Pragati OS, an extremely optimised version of the Android operating system that supports a rich suite of applications from the stables of both Google and Jio. It also supports Android Play Store, the gateway to the entire universe of Android apps. JioPhone Next is available across the country at Reliance Retail’s extensive network of JioMart Digital and Reliance Digital stores.


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