JOHNSON’S®, Transforms For The New Generation, Says “Choose Gentle”


Reinvents its Baby Products to cater to the needs of the Millennial Parents

JOHNSON’S® is committed to providing the very best care for your baby. The brand understands the needs of a new mum and what she expects for her newborn child. For generations, parents, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals around the world have trusted JOHNSON’S® to care and protect their babies from day one. To ensure that the iconic brand continues to meet the demands of parents around the globe, JOHNSON’S® has made changes that include fewer ingredients to give gentle care, and ergonomic new packaging.


Deeptha Khanna – Global President, Baby Care Franchise, J&J adds “We understand that providing baby care is both an art and a science. And the art of baby care is best understood through a parent. Therefore, it’s important to us that parents feel confident in what they choose to put on their babies’ skin — that can only be possible with complete transparency, so we’re sharing 100% of the ingredients on our bottle, including fragrance. With innovations like A one hand easy to use Pump packs and Safety lock on packaging – we have taken care of every detail to make taking care of Baby safer and easier”.

The new products have been introduced after clinically testing with 5.5 lacs volunteers to ensure all baby care standards are met. The newly-reformulated JOHNSON’S® products are not meant to just cleanse and moisturize but are also designed to turn moments of care at every age and stage into opportunities to strengthen baby’s connection to their parents.

Speaking at the launch, Vikas Srivastava, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Consumer India, said“JOHNSON’S® never stops raising the bar when it comes to what’s best for baby. ‘Choose gentle’ is our commitment to further elevate the standards of safety and gentleness in Baby Care – using only the most – safest possible ingredients, whilst maintaining JOHNSON’S® high standards and unwavering commitment to quality. It is our fundamental mission to ensure each baby is cared for just the way a mother wants. And therefore, we listened to parents from around the world and upgraded our products inside and out to set a new standard for gentle.”

Some of the key changes include:

Fewer and purposeful ingredients overall – The portfolio of ingredients was reduced by more than 50%, and all baby products have been designed for gentle care. With NO parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and sulfates. Even JOHNSON’S® Shampoo—one of the world’s most recognizable consumer products—is no longer its signature golden hue, but instead a clear formula packaged in a translucent yellow bottle for a transparent look and feel.

Improved experience – Each product has been made gentler and parent compliant. Parents may notice washes with creamier lather, shampoos that rinse quickly, improved conditioning across the haircare range and light, fast absorbing lotions with no unwanted residues left behind on skin.

Parent-friendly packaging – One major improvement anyone who has ever bathed a slippery newborn can appreciate: the new products come in more ergonomic bottles, featuring 50% more pumps for convenient, one-handed use.  This allows parents to keep their other hand – and their attention – on baby.

Global standards – JOHNSON’S® products are 100% gentle. The fragrance ingredients in JOHNSON’S® products continue to follow International Fragrance Association (IFRA) global standards, as well as our 5-step safety assurance process. 

Less than 25% of the aroma compounds used in fragranced consumer products meet our strict purity standards and can be considered for our safe, gentle baby products. 

Our baby fragrances are designed to thoroughly control sources of common and potential allergens, such as those found in essential oils.

“At JOHNSON’S®, we work to set the standards in the industry and CHOOSE GENTLE™ is one such fine example of best baby care standards. Our research follows the principle of evidence based science and has helped advance 90% of all scientific literature on the understanding of baby skin. Each ingredient is tested for 12 months before being declared safe to use.” added Ram Shukla, Senior Director R&D, Johnson & Johnson.”

JOHNSON’S®, commitment to research has led to new standards in baby skin care, including the IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) and TNAI (Trained Nurses’ Association of India). Every Johnson’s baby product MEETS or BEATS 15 stringent Global standards including US & EU.

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