Join in the Celebrations for Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017


newznew (International) : You must be making your last minute travel plans to see and celebrate the grand occasion of the Great American Solar Eclipse that is to take place in just about 75 days or so. Obviously, if you still have not made any concrete plans to celebrate the rare occasion, you must be interested in knowing about the different celebrations that would be taking place to mark the spectacular celestial show.

In this context, you must know that a total solar eclipse happens when the entire sun is covered completely by the moon’s disk. The 2017 total solar eclipse would be seen across the entire breadth of the USA. The path of totality is where most of the sky watchers would be heading for on 21st August 2017.

As such, several towns and areas all along the solar eclipse’s path of totality have decided to organize events to celebrate the solar eclipse and welcome the crowds expected to hit the centerline on the special day. If you are thinking of traveling to the centerline to witness the total solar eclipse on August 21, you may choose from some of the following public events, celebrations, and festivals.

  • The Lowell Observatory Solar Eclipse Viewing at Madras in Oregon. This wonderful event would be attracting numerous astronomy enthusiasts. It would be held at the football field of the Madras High School. The visitors would be given viewing instructions and solar viewing glasses for their complete safety. The celebrations would be including interesting astronomy talks every hour, vendors, exhibitions, and the ‘Star Party’ on Sunday evening.
  • The Oregon Solar Fest would be organized in Madras Oregon to celebrate the solar eclipse 21st-Aug-2017. This epic event would be held at the well-known Jefferson County Fairgrounds. This fun-filled event would be including loads of food for the gourmets, lots of popular music, and many shopping vendors besides, the main event, the spectacular eclipse viewing. You would need to look for tickets to the grand event. However, most of the hotels are already reserved. However, RV spaces and tent may be available even now. So try your luck once. Visit to learn more about the total solar eclipse.
  • Wyoming is hosting the exciting four-day Glendo Total Solar Eclipse Festival. Glendo is a town lying pretty close to the centerline. The festival would include displays and exhibitions, interesting public speeches and informative eye-safety seminars. There would be numerous food vendors and adequate amenities to cater to the teeming tourists.
  • The four-day Total Solar Eclipse Festival to be held in Lathrop, Missouri. There would be fun activities galore but you must organize the tickets at the earliest for campsite reservation, RV site reservation, and to have easy accessibility to the main viewing area.
  • The celebrations at the famous Roper Mountain Science Center based in Greenville, South Carolina are attracting numerous tourists and sky gazers. No other venue could match this science center in terms of viewing the total solar eclipse. The place would be experiencing a couple of minutes of totality but would be organizing a special total solar eclipse week full of fun-filled activities starting from the 14th of August. The celebrations’ highlight would be a spectacular planetarium show.
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Browse the Internet to know more details about the destination you are heading for the total solar eclipse viewing and associated celebrations. Find out about the overall amenities, parking facilities, and other accessibility issues well in advance. Finalize all travel plans at the earliest possible. Do not miss the wonderful and rare sky watching experience.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is an astronomy enthusiast and obviously, a dedicated sky watcher. He runs his own blog and in all his recent posts, Mickey is only discussing various aspects of the impending total solar eclipse.


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